Corseca is currently making a buzz in the Indian smart wearable market with the launch of two new models in its Fittex Series — Fittex Plus and Fittex.

Do you know the first Indian company to launch wireless headphones in India? Or the first to bring High Definition sound  in portable speakers in India? Or the first wireless karaoke soundbar? The lightest smartwatch? Bluetooth headphones with  the longest play time? First power bank exclusively for women?

Over two decades, Damson Technologies, through its flagship brand Corseca, has consistently introduced cutting-edge innovation to the Indian consumer at game-changing prices.

Corseca is currently making a buzz in the Indian smart wearable market with the launch of two new models in its popular Fittex Series, with the Fittex Plus and Fittex Pro variants. Featuring 24/7 Body  Temperature Tracking, again the first Indian brand to launch, the new models are creating a flutter among consumers and have given a much needed fillip to the dreary online and offline retail scenario post Covid.

Also, this December, Corseca is launching Nector Pro, a revolutionary new Bluetooth neckband earphone with a scorching 55-hour uninterrupted playtime. Corseca stands for understated elegance, quality, cutting-edge technology, reliable performance and service you can depend on. For two decades, Corseca has touched the lives of more than 20 million customers in India alone.

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The Damson story began in 1998 as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in the computer peripherals category. Mentored by a veteran in Indian manufacturing community, Vinod Goenka, the leadership of  this pioneering company is now in the hands of his sons and young directors, Ritesh Goenka and Vivek Goenka.

Speaking on Damson’s journey of over two decades, Vinod Goenka says, “Our foundations are real and formidable because they are built  on the 2 most important things for any enterprise – Passion for  what we do and Honesty in our relationships with all our stakeholders.”

So, what makes Corseca such a success when the market is full of  fly-by-night accessory importers and few genuine brands who care  about quality? Exhausted but happily upbeat after yet another  meeting with his channel partners, Ritesh Goenka explains: “Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Our passion is to be  at the forefront of technology. We are confident of our success because we focus on what the brand stands for – an awesome user  experience with each product we make.”

Corseca was named to  represent “flow”, he adds. Flow of energy, and of a rhythmic user experience inspired by Corsica famous for its seaside and  waves. The brand represents the sweet spot at the confluence of  modernity, youth and energy and this is reflected in every little thing we do at Corseca.

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Vivek Goenka, the elder brother, adds: “We love being self-critical; we don’t get comfortable with  our triumphs. We believe in improving every day; as a company  and as individuals and that makes us capable of responding to  lapses or mistakes before the market does — that’s how we have an  almost 90% success rate in the models launched.”

Corseca is the market leader in the Indian market by volume in the Bluetooth audio category riding on its growing sales in speakers and headphones. It looks confidently to replicate that success with the growing smart wearables category. It is investing heavily in technology, manufacturing processes and a buoyant fresh workforce and is poised to soar higher in the Indian accessories market.

As an exclusive launch initiative, Corseca is offering a flat Rs 1,500/- discount on all three models. Simply log in to, add to basket and use the offer code KLNG-FITTEX to avail the limited period offer.

New launch highlights 

Corseca Fittex — Where technology meets fashion

  1. Body temperature: 24-hour tracking with 98% accuracy and alarm
  2. Heart Rate Monitor: 24-hr tracking
  3. Over 100 watch faces to choose from
  4. Power efficiency: 1 week on single charge
  5. Health Assistant & Sleep Quality Tracking
  6. Measure & Track Fitness Performance v/s Goals with HitFit  Pro Application
  7. Waterproof: IP68 (1.5m depth /30 mins)
  8. Big extras: Big icons, full touch anti-fingerprint; wrist- controlled display light
  9. Robust stainless steel build
  10. Full touch, Full HD color anti-fingerprint screen
  11. 20mm silicon changeable wristband
  12. Feather light: Just 34g including strap
  13. Big icon wrist control display
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Corseca Nector Pro — Longest playtime ever 

55-hour massive playtime
The 500mAh battery coupled with power efficient chipset architecture delivers a new record-shattering play time and fast charging performance.

HD sound
10mm drivers delivering incredible bass inside a compact form factor.

Bluetooth V5.0
Delivers more power efficient performance with minimum loss in reproduced sound.

Perfect for exercising and outdoors
Sweat proof. Also the perfectly ergonomic ear tips ensure that the earphones stay in place while keeping surrounding noise out.

Super light
Just 35g, zero hindrance, maximum music.

Perfect balance
The audio is delivered with crisp highs and deep low notes, plus wider frequency response for a dynamic music performance.

Universal compatibility
With an integrated microphone and controller, these headphones  are compatible with Apple (iPhone / iPod / iPad), Android and all Bluetooth-enabled audio and smartphone devices. #KhabarLive