Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has convened a crucial meeting at Pragati Bhavan on January 11 to inter alia take a call on the reopening of schools and colleges in the state after the Sankranthi vacation.

The crucial meeting, to be attended by ministers as well as collectors of all districts, will also discuss the nitty-gritty of distributing corona vaccine to all the regions in the state and administering it to people as per a prioritised list.

The Chief Minister has therefore instructed the Collectors to come to the meeting with complete information and data.

Educational institutions in Telangana have remain closed since March 2020 due to the outbreak of corona and the consequent lockdown, though some of the curbs have been eased in phases.

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The meeting will discuss, among other things, the following questions: When should educational institutions reopen across the state? Students belonging to which classes should attend in person? How to hold classes? Should remote instruction be allowed for certain classes? What is the method followed in other states on each of these aspects? Certain related matters would also be discussed threadbare, before arriving at a firm decision.

Important issues concerning Revenue, Panchayat Raj, Medical and Health, Municipal, Education, Forestry and other departments will also be discussed for taking decisions.

As far as Revenue Department matters are concerned, the Chief Minister held a meeting recently at Pragathi Bhavan with senior officials and some Collectors. At that meeting, some of the matters to be resolved were mentioned. These would be discussed at length during the January 11 meeting.

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Pending mutations, sada bainamas regularization, setting up of tribunals, solving land disputes on matters included under Part B and other related issues would also be discussed at the meeting. An action plan will be finalized at the meeting to help address revenue issues.

The meeting will take stock of the situation with regard to the spread of coronavirus and the measures in place to contain the virus. The specifics of administering corona vaccine to people will also be discussed at the proposed meeting.

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The meeting will review the implementation of Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi programmes. Specifically it would look at whether the funds are being given on time and whether they are being utilized for the intended purpose properly? The meeting will review the progress of works under Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi programmes.

The implementation of the Haritha Haram programme, aimed at increasing the green cover in the State, will also be reviewed. There will be discussions on additional measures that could be taken to increase the green cover in villages as well as in urban areas and programmes that could be taken up in the future. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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