Buying a home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a hefty expense, so invest wisely. Check the 5-factors before to fix a deal. This will help you to play wisely.

Buying a new home, especially your first one, is always an exciting prospect. Living in a dream home is on everyone”s bucket list, and if you”re headed down the right path with a good savings and sound financial plan, then a new home can be well within your reach. Investing in a house comes with a lot of considerations. After all, you”re looking for a place that suits your lifestyle, is affordable and gives you great value for money. It has to align with your long term plans as well, including the needs of your family and how you anticipate they”ll change in the future.

Investing in a house comes with a lot of considerations, but when done right, it”s the one big expense you won”t regret.

If you”re on your way to buying a new home in the near future, here are a few factors to keep in mind before making the big investment.

1. Price point
At the top of the list is, of course, the price point. Look into your savings, and if you need to take out a loan, the interest rate, and how and when you can pay it off. When you buy a house, you don”t just pay for the space. There are a lot of additional expenses like stamp duty, registration, society maintenance, taxes, and even redesign and parking costs. After spending on all of this, you should have some funds left over for emergency use. Analyse the amount of capital at your disposal, as well as the house you want to buy, and make a sound decision.

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2. Real estate forecasts
Well before you begin your house hunt, keep a close eye on real estate forecasts. When you”re investing in a new home, it”s a course you”re taking for the future, so it”s important to carefully consider the current as well as future market position. Real estate prices fluctuate often, so you want to ensure that your buy will yield a good appreciation in the future. Yes, your home is a home and may not feel like an investment, but you never know what the future holds. So do your research.

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3. Credibility and documentation
All properties come with documentation, some of which dates back years. If your seller is credible, he”ll have it all carefully filed away. Run through it and question anything you don”t understand or that seems suspicious. One way to be safe here is to buy from a property owner or seller who”s reputed and reliable. Do your background checks if you must, and if you”re working with a broker, ask around for feedback. If they”ve swindled someone in the past, you”ll definitely hear about it through the grapevine. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for all the technicalities associated with your purchase.

Do your research. Keep track of real estate forecasts and look into the credibility of the seller, as well as all property documentation.

4. Amenities
If you”re moving houses for a lifestyle upgrade, make sure you”re getting everything you want. Location and ease of access, grocery and convenience stores, recreational facilities, and access to public transport, schools and hospitals should be vital factors to keep in mind. If you have to extend your budget a little bit to accommodate this, try and do it. You might end up saving a lot of money and effort in the future by making a well-considered decision.

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5. Don”t get carried away!
Here”s a reliable piece of advice – when you”re house hunting, look at every property that comes your way. If a house meets 80% of your requirements, it”s worth looking at. But when it comes to your budget, do not get carried away. The house must meet 90-95%of your budget plan; it”s okay to extend yourself a little for your dream house, but too much can put you in financial trouble in the future. Don”t let the large balcony, fancy kitchen and walk-in wardrobe fool you, these are great to look at and use for a while, but if you”re taking out a hefty loan, it just doesn”t seem worth it. Stay within your budget, with a little bit of leeway that”s well thought-out, and go get that home of your dreams! #KhabarLive #hydnews