The fastest growing brand Skootr, a premium managed office space provider, has forayed into Hyderabad by leasing 3.25 lakh sq ft of office space spread across three facilities in the city, which can accommodate over 5,000 seats.

The company plans to triple its portfolio in the city to one million sq ft space in the coming years. With its largest office space leasing ever in the country in Hyderabad, the company will provide private offices, managed collaborative space with meeting rooms, F&B services and other offerings, to cater to large multinational clients looking for customized office space.

The company which started in 2006 currently manages over 2.12 lakh sq ft of office space across six centres in Delhi, Gurugram and Jaipur. With Hyderabad as a new market, Skootr will more than double its portfolio to a total of 5.37 lakh sq ft office space.

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A new centre is also coming up in Gurugram. Rajat Johar, country head, Skootr, told #KhabarLive, “Large IT and ITeS corporates are looking at Hyderabad favourably. The city is the next big destination after Bengaluru for these sectors. Infrastructure is great and the State government is proactive. All this augurs well for the Hyderabad market.

A lot of backend operations happen in the city and thus the seat/space requirement is much larger than the northern cities that we operate. The momentum in Hyderabad is big and the city is gaining prominence.”Demand drivers There is demand from IT, e-commerce, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance and a few other sectors for managed office space in the city.

Hyderabad also offers significant cost savings in Grade A office space, with almost 50 per cent less rentals than that of Delhi or Gurugram, and one-third of Mumbai.

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“Through managed office spaces, we want to take away the pain for companies in setting up their offices. We provide customised spaces that meet their ethos and design requirements. We don’t pre-build workspaces as each client’s needs are different.

We are serving Indian conglomerates and enterprises. We have also accommodated select startups. On an average, we sign up for three-year leases with our clients, with tenures also going as long as 10-15 years. We roughly have 3,500-seat capacity in the northern centres and are quickly ramping up capacities,” Johar added.

Going forward, Skootr plans to expand to Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai and Chennai. The company is engaged in talks with HNIs and private equity companies who are interested in investing in the company. The company is open for both equity and debt to meet expansion needs. It has to be the right fit for both the investors and the company.

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Core differentiation Skootr, he said, has disrupted the managed office space segment with innovative designs. The company has created green zones, water bodies, aquariums and other natural elements in its facilities so that people can interact with nature. In-house chefs create unique food and beverage experience at a reasonable cost. There is differentiation in every service offering.The company is looking for green certification for its Hyderabad facility. The centres are fully conceptualised and designed in-house with the help of their designers and architects.

Talking of the impact of Covid, Johar with #KhabarLive, demand has picked up for managed office spaces after the Covid outbreak and the companies are today thinking that a certain percentage of their real estate portfolio should have flexible office spaces. #KhabarLive #hydnews