In what is seen as ‘terror tactics’ adopted by a city based school, authorities of Glendale Academy, Bandlaguda in Hyderabad gave Transfer Certificate (TC), allegedly without any reason, to a Class IX student just because her parents, presently down with Covid-19, had questioned the school authorities’ wisdom in barring students from online classes. 

The parents have approached the Telangana Human Rights Commission (HRC) as the student has been given TC one month before her final examinations. Moreover, the school authorities have taken the drastic step at a time when both the parents of the student are down with COVID-19.

According to the parents, the school authorities had been harassing their daughter for the past few months, as they have been highlighting certain irregularities being committed by private schools in Hyderabad city, including Glendale Academy.

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Removing a student from school at the fag end of the academic year, and that too just before the annual examinations, is violation of human rights, fundamental rights and child rights guaranteed under sections 14, 19 and 21 etc. of the Constitution of India.

On condition of anonymity, one of the parents reveal to #KhabarLive, “My daughter was barred from the online classes and she and we parents were removed from all the school-related WhatsApp groups. Our school online account was blocked due to which we could not pay the fees online. When we went to school to pay the fees, they did not accept the fees and gave TC. When I did not accept the TC, they sent it through post which is illegal. No school can issue TC right before the exams. Now my daughter is under a lot of mental, emotional and psychological pressure due to this sudden, unforeseen, humiliating and intimidating action taken by the school. And all this happened when we were suffering with COVID19”.

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Commenting on the school’s illegal act, members of Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA) said, “Issuing TC to a student of Class IX right before her exams is illegal act by the school authorities. The Education Department should look into this matter and take strict action against the school authorities”.

Venkata Narasamma, District Educational Officer, Hyderabad told #KhabarLive, “This incident has come to my notice and I have initiated an inquiry in this matter. I have asked MEO to conduct the inquiry and he will submit the explanation and depending on the report we will take action against the school”.

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The school authorities were not available to comment on the same. #KhabarLive #hydnews