Online businesses are restlessly trying to capture human attention to increase their survival chances and profitability. Everywhere consumers go, they are accompanied by endless on-screen pop-ups, ads, and stickers from new websites aiming to catch their attention.

However, which is the best way to get internet users’ attention without disgusting them. The answer lies in a professionally organized and animated explainer video that briefly but uniquely introduces the product or website to potential customers.

Most website developers prefer integrating an exciting and entertaining animation to promote the website and the business. So, how does animation promote a website?

Animation Benefits in Website Promotion
Animating your website comes with numerous benefits, including making your website eye-catching and increasing the Google ranking. Since the introduction of online video marketing, many entrepreneurs have used the technology to their advantage and attracted more customers to their sites. As a new web designer, here are the reasons why animation can make your website catchy;

Captures and Retains Your Visitors’ Attention
Imagine securing an internet user’s engagement to view your products in the current world full of constant entertainment? The internet is now full of different entertainment and educational videos. Every entrepreneur is fighting to catch the attention of internet users and promote their businesses.

People interact with tens of brands every day, and making your brand stand out from the crowd needs more than just advertising. Luckily, the only way to win the battle and grabbing the audience’s attention is by integrating an eye-catching animation into your website. For instance, using brightly colored and professional moving elements will undoubtedly capture visitors’ engagement and entice them to stay longer on your page.

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Amazingly, you only need 50 milliseconds to make a positive first impression and retain your visitors’ attention once the page loads. This is a short time and challenging for you to show the visitors what they need to see.

Using an excellent UX design technique improves your first impression and decreases the exit rates. Once the visitors are welcomed with eye-catching animation, they have the reason to stay longer and view your products and services.

Increases Visitor’s Engagement with Your Brand
Once the website visitor is attracted to your page, they are enticed to watch and learn more about your offer’s products and services. This increases their engagement with your brand and maximizes the clicks. An animation is an excellent tool that encourages internet users to stay longer on your page and engage with your products. For instance, animating elements such as a call to action button and the navigation menu encourage the visitors to click, explore, and read more on the page.

Additionally, creating engaging video explainers and purposive animations help brighten the web page and interact with visitors for a possible bounce rate. For this case, you can incorporate animations into photo slideshows, product descriptions, website scrolling configurations, or the entire site background for a more convincing website.

Hiding the Slow Load Times
The congested internet is likely to result in slow loading times. However, not all web users are willing to wait for the lagging site to fully load the content due to instant gratification. For instance, a study shows that 30% of web visitors would abandon the page after waiting six to ten seconds for it to load. This means the only one-second delay is likely to decrease your customers’ satisfaction by 16%. Moreover, almost 80% of users are not expected to return to the page after being dissatisfied with delayed loading. So, how do you smartly keep your visitors on the page even during slow load times?

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According to marketing strategists, you can conceal slow load times with a smart animation, which is one of the traditional uses of animations. While the irritated visitors might feel like leaving the page due to lagging cases, animation influences the user’s perspective on the situation by entertaining them with your graphc can help you achieve this. The visitors believe there is no lag time, while in the real sense, your website is experiencing a worst-case scenario. This improves the user’s experience with your website.

Helps to Customize Your Website
Web customization has always been a goal for most UI and UX web developers in the past few years. Web developers look for personalization features whenever a company delivers them. Therefore, customized animations help establish a unique brand’s tone and personality. This is because personalized animations help you match your website with the desired goals and themes, showing your visitors what the company offers that other competitors do not.

While web personalization takes customer’s data and uses it to give each visitor a tailored and customized experience, integrating it with an enticing animation helps the marketer create a unique marketing experience that boosts the business.

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Moreover, a brand collects and analyzes user’s data and uses the insights to create animations that suit individual user’s needs. Surprisingly, this trick is what most modern-day users seek in a company.

Helps Maximize E-Commerce Sales
Top E-commerce website designers are currently using animations since most online shoppers are looking for exciting, interactive experiences from their brands. Additionally, using animations to create a unique service or product like a game is a great way to attract and keep online shoppers on your website for longer.

Alternatively, you can use the animations game smartly by requesting the user’s information to enter the game. The user is asked to input their data as the entrance into the animated game. In this case, the game presents an incentive to enter the game. It introduces some of your E-commerce products and services by using animations that resemble what your website sells.

Website animation refers to adding anything on your page, starting from small hover effects to high-quality, full-screen moving images. While the effects can seem irrelevant to new internet users, they help capture the attention and retain the audience to the site, hence promoting the business.

To understand the importance of animation to your website, you need to decide which type of animation you would like to use, the target audience, and the type of products or services you offer. This helps you create relevant animations that will keep visitors to your page longer. Was this information helpful? We hope so! But in case you need more help, reach out to a guide to animation explainers. #KhabarLive #hydnews