After cruising through the traditional brand nama last week, #KhabarLive on to decode the Britannia Good Day digital advertising journey which is as riveting as the former.

Keeping in mind the core message of Good Day biscuits, Britannia was quick to identify the immense potential that the digital universe imbibed in terms of building brand recall, salience, and reach. The Britannia Good Day digital advertising strategy follows a pattern backed by strong consumer insights and rich data  to make an impactful social media campaign at a right time. Just like the digital chapter of Good Day advertising too is full of smiles.

Contests, campaign announcements, consumer engagement activities, candid creatives, product-centric posts and topicals form the crux of the brand’s presence on social media spread across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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While Britannia Good Day kickstarted its digital journey in November 2013 with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, it only did it debut on Instagram in later years.

Britannia Good Day Digital Advertising
In 2014,  ‘Happy Good Day to You’ by Britannia Good Day – a design-your-wish initiative let users design their own greetings and win Apple iPad minis and many more exciting prizes.

The UGC campaign required participants to access the brand’s website and social media handles for participating in the contest with the gratification of interesting prizes.

In the same year, Kings XI Punjab’s brought on board Britannia Good Day as one of their sponsors. The brand joined forces with Jack in the Box worldwide to execute a digital campaign, #FunjabiFunde aimed at introducing Happy Singh in his brand new avatar Baba Happy Singh and established the concept of a Funjabi Player who plays the game in true spirit.

The brand leveraged the reach of the tournament and created curiosity around its famous character- Happy Singh. Digital videos followed where Baba Happy Singh gave away Funjabi Fundes to the cricket lovers who came to him with their problems.

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The impact was such that #Funjabi, #BabaHappySingh and #FunjabiFunde trended on Twitter with Britannia. As per the brand, Funjabi Fundes garnered massive response on Twitter.

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In 2016, alongside the ad film starring Deepika Padukone, for the #SmileMoreForAGoodDay campaign, the brand partnered with influencers from varied genres to spread out smiles via tweets. This included celebrity influencers such as Sanjeev Kapoor, Rajiv Makhni to Virendra Sehwag, and Rannvijay Singh.

Are we busy searching for smiles on a phone screen? Do we smile enough? #SmileMoreForAGoodDay

— Sanjeev Kapoor (@SanjeevKapoor) September 2, 2016

Smile is an universal language that breaks barriers, yet do we smile enough? #SmileMoreForAGoodDay

— Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) September 2, 2016

Besides Facebook and Instagram, the Twitter campaign witnessed around 12,000 tweets in a day and 104Mn impressions.

In a bid to promote the premium cookie range, Choco Chunkies, in 2016 Britannia Good Day invited home chefs asking them to bring something better out of their Choco Chunkies cookies. The brand urged the hidden kitchen masters to whip out a dish using their new product.

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For the same, the brand paired up with the judges of the Masterchef Australia, and the cooks of the finest 10 dishes held an opportunity to meet and greet with masters of the Food World. In a crowd-sourced campaign the participants had to share their recipes, take a picture of their final plate and upload it on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account using #ChefsWithChunkies for the brand to review.

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Further harping on the storytelling narrative, the brand rolled out a heartwarming tale, ‘A Day in the life of a Royal Indian Guard’ where the brand’s first-ever digital file gave us a sneak peek into the daily routine and challenges that the guard faces. A man who is compelled by virtue of what he does for a living, to withhold his smile. So, he makes it a point to smile as much as possible when he is back home. In the end, he urges the viewers to smile more and have a Good Day.

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Next up in February 2018, in a bid to celebrate India’s smile-makers Good Day took consumers on a train ride with Kumar Shanu Babar, who owned an Instagram page ‘Window Seat Project’ which captured people’s nostalgia with train travel in India.

Britannia Good Day’s ad film titled ‘Rediscovering India from the Window Seat of a Train’ featured about how taking over 200 train rides, 8000 photos, and displaying countless smiles, Babar portrays the beauty of India from train windows.

The Battle of Butter
In 2019, a kind of bitter banter erupted between food majors Amul and Britannia. It started when Amul, through a social media post, challenged a number of cookie brands over the amount of quality butter in the ingredients.

#AmulButterCookie: Does your Butter Cookie contain Butter or Vegetable Oil? (@Amul_Coop) July 21, 2019

The company had alleged that other cookie brands in the market contain a meager amount of butter and more vegetable oil. The shape of the cookie/biscuit displayed on the creative also resembled Good Day. As a response to the constant nudging, Britannia released a print ad that posed a question to the consumer: “How much cholesterol does a 25% butter cookie have?”

And finally, the empire strikes back! The big daddy of Indian biscuit empire fires the long-overdue salvo against Amul’s skirmish almost after a month! A sentence from my original post (see: Amul Vs. all of India’s ‘butter cookies’ was, “Is it healthy 1/5

— Karthik (@beastoftraal) August 16, 2019

This is testimony to the fact that social media is no alien to the century-old brand and Good Day being one of its flagship products, the company has churned out full-fledged and timely digital marketing campaigns over the years.

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Social Media Spread
The brand’s Instagram handle has been inactive for quite some time and the yellow-themed smiling cookie takes the centre staged while creatives revolving around topical, contests, occasions, seasonal greetings and acts of kindness are spread across the palette.

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Apart from this, Good Day’s smile ambassador Deepika Padukone has been owning the brand’s vision with her bright smile and fulfilling the objectives with campaigns like #WonderfulWhenShared.


YouTube is primarily leveraged for campaign videos, while Twitter and Facebook have been kept active with cross-postings of creatives and videos. Britannia Good Day acknowledges that small acts in our daily lives can spread a happy good day message and this ideology reflects through its presence on traditional and social media.

In June 2020, Spotify India’s attention was drawn on Twitter to the uncanny resemblance of Britannia’s Good Day Cashew Biscuits to their brand logo. Spotify not only changed their logo for the day and their bio talking about the resemblance but linked a curated playlist aptly titled ‘Chai & Acoustic’, just the way most Indians would enjoy their Britannia Good Day Cashew Biscuits.

— Rahul Chakraborty (@HckmstrRahul) June 26, 202

Britannia too in response tweeted with a creative designed by Wunderman Thompson India, thanking Spotify for putting them in the Spot’light’!

Well, our crunchy and buttery #GoodDay Cookies always hit the right “spot”… So, coincidence?!

— Britannia Industries (@BritanniaIndLtd) June 25, 2020

While the core strategy has been human connect and emotional appeal, the visual identity of Britannia Good Day stands out imbibing pictures that make you want to have a good day. Thus, the Britannia Good day digital advertising journey has been the primary endorser of smiles. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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