The new middle-eastern restaurant Gismat at Jubilee Hills brings you the new-fangled fusion of Hyderabadi mandi with an elite Arabian set-up full of cosy tents that are going to delight you to no end!

Whether you visit this newly-opened Mandi locale either during the afternoon or night, it’s warm and so comfy ambience is going to turn into pure pleasure. While you order a single or double or mixed meat mandi with some appetising accompaniments like golden fried chicken, malai kebab, roasted chicken etc., your tummy is going to crave for more!

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The amount of quantity Gismat offers you is so much that you can’t finish it without relishing their taste-buds to utmost extent. The meat of all offered in the mixed mandi – fish, chicken and mutton, is fresh, tender and juicy. Their tomato sauce deserves special mention. The malai kebab melts in your mouth, making you ask for more. The roasted chicken is one of the best Arabic-Lebanese delicacies you can lay your hands on, here.

Coming up with a successful tent arrangement for foodies is precisely the kind one finds in a middle-eastern country with unbeaten lighting at nighttime, colour theme of royal blue and light golden interiors do the magic. The insides of the tent too, scream royalty with the majestic throne-seating.

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The privacy that Gismat offers you while you’re with your peers and family inside the tent lets nobody disturb you. So how do you call someone from the hospitality from an enclosed tent? One can always turn on a switch inside that lights up a bulb on the outside. This signals the waiters to walk towards your tent to take orders. With the desired atmosphere, much-loved delicacies and the flushing colour range, Gismat is an astonishing place to visit. Rounding off with diverse dessert options, the culinary efforts applied by the curators is something to look out for.

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The hospitality services are extremely pleasant as they serve you right! So, the next time you want to savour some Arabian Mandi with an extravagant imperial atmosphere, Gismat is where you’ve got to head to! #KhabarLive #hydnews