Infrastructure, commute times, social opportunities, ease of access, connectivity, and most importantly, the financial value and ROI; the location of your residential property influences almost every aspect when it comes to investing. As most of these above aspects can remain the same for many locations, the financial potential and future value of the location generally takes precedence over other factors.

While customers had to compromise on a few factors to procure a 2 or 3 BHK flat in the right location, these trade-offs are no longer needed right now in Hyderabad.

The rapid development over the last 10 years has significantly improved the financial value and future potential of many locations in Hyderabad while significantly improving their social infrastructure, connectivity, and other facilities. And no other location in Hyderabad has got a better boost to its financial and real-estate value as much as Uppal did in the last few years.

But is that the only reason why Uppal has become the best residential location in Hyderabad?  Nope. Several reasons have catapulted Uppal into the list of best living areas in Hyderabad and here are a few of them:

Social Infrastructure
Being a hub for some of the most reputed educational institutions, established hospitals, public, and transport facilities, Uppal boasts the best social infrastructure in Hyderabad. With a number of shopping centres, restaurants, malls, entertainment, and recreation facilities, your family can get the best of everything without having to travel or commute when you purchase your residential property in Uppal.

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Even better if you can choose a 2 or 3 BHK in a gated community project like NSL East County which is blessed with world-class facilities, amenities, and 24/7 security. NSL East County due to its location makes it possible to reach out to the shopping or recreational facilities, schools, colleges, or hospitals within minutes, thus helping you completely leverage the infrastructure benefits of Uppal.

Ease of Connectivity
While the ease of connectivity had been the Achilles’ foot of Uppal for years now, the arrival of Metro has plugged the gap to near perfection. Long commute and travel are no longer the problems today and the extensive metro line of Hyderabad will make sure that you reach out to nook and corner of Hyderabad with ease.

Take NSL East County for example. A luxury gated community with all the facilities and amenities is only 5 min away from the Stadium Metro station. In essence, the extensive metro network has simply unlocked the growth potential of Uppal and there is no stopping now!

Peaceful & Serene
Due to its geographical location, Uppal has always enjoyed a peaceful ambiance away from the hustle-bustle of the city interiors and this redeeming quality has now become a major asset. Unlike other locations, Uppal offers the perfect blend of great social infrastructure and peaceful ambiance away from the buzz of the city. And with Uppal, it is very easy to find a 2 or 3 BHK luxury flats for sale in a peaceful location while benefiting from great social infrastructure.

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Gated community residential projects like NSL East County takes this peaceful and serene experience to a whole new level by offering a sprawling lush green ambiance, free from pollution and hustle-bustle of city: a perfect environment to raise your family.

Affordability And Future Potential
Being the rising star in Hyderabad’s real estate market Uppal offers an unprecedented advantage grabbing the right residential property at a great price. This affordability when clubbed with the extraordinary future potential of the Uppal gives a superb advantage to score high ROI on your investments.

Great social infrastructure, the peacefulness of localities, ease of connectivity; every advantage offered by Uppal come at an affordable price unlike other locations of similar stature. Competitive prices and future potential also make Uppal a great value proposition for property investors as well. Especially affordable 2 or 3 BHKs in popular gated community residential projects like NSL East County, can further amplify your ROI making it superb investment in years to come.

Gated Communities
Gated communities are the best thing that happened to the housing in India, particularly in Hyderabad. With all the required amenities and facilities, they offer the best possible lifestyle among all the types of housing. Uppal due to its land availability, infrastructure, and affordability has now become a home for some of the best gated residential projects. And many new residential projects in Hyderabad are already making their way to Uppal for the same reason.

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Take our NSL East County as an example. Spread across lush green meadows with peaceful and serene greenery all around, NSL East County offers a bouquet of the world-class facilities and amenities with 24/7 security surveillance. And the gated residential project is located only at 600 mts. away from the Stadium Metro station, thus ticking all the right boxes when it comes to offering the best possible living experience in Hyderabad.

Uppal, due to its geographical location, land availability, and infrastructure advantages makes gated communities like NSL East County possible. And these gated community apartments offer the best way to leverage all the advantages of the location like Uppal, a win-win.

So if you are looking for a great location to buy your residential property, Uppal must be your first choice. And if you have zeroed-in on, Uppal as your location and are looking for luxury 2BHK flats for sale in Uppal NSL East County offers the best living experience in Uppal.  #KhabarLive #hydnews