Montessori-based homeschooling curriculum from Bright Kid Montessori House. Bright Edge Edusystems, which has been successfully using the Montessori methodology for very effective.

Early Childhood Education, has pioneered  a new Montessori-based early childhood home schooling program “Bright Kid @ Home” with strong interface of age-appropriate technology and supply chain of high quality, AR tech enabled ‘Made in India’ learning items manufactured by the company.   Bright Kid @ Home now offers a unique early education program at home, to help parents engage their children between the ages of 1.5 to 6 years and become personally involved in the learning journey of their children during their crucial years of growing. The meticulously crafted holistic learning system stems from the rich experience of Bright Kid Montessori House that has facilitated early childhood learning for more than 35,000 children. It combines seamless technology and customized support with Montessori learning kits and provides both an offline and online experience to facilitate early education at home. 

Prasanta Sanyal, Managing Director of Bright Edge Edusystems said, “Early childhood learning is not a race. Every child has very strong curious and absorbent mind.  Our methodologies and learning materials feed such curious young minds, engage them with purposeful activities and create an everlasting love for learning by doing. Our Bright Kid @ Home is a holistic hybrid inclusive education program receiving overwhelming response specially from the new wave of parents who would love to be personally involved in their children’s early childhood education journey and care for a relaxed, flexible yet a very well structured and incredibly developmental early education for their child.” 

Bright Kid @ Home offered by Bright Kid Montessori House includes hands-on and minds on pedagogy and comprises learning apps and portals with more than 1000 video lessons, Live classes and interactions, Montessori Boxes, Smart books, Craft activity kit etc. Books in Smart book kit are Augmented Reality enabled where pages come live just on scan of the page in our App.   Montessori box that includes more than 20 activities and wooden materials for every level. The Montessori materials are aimed at providing eye-hand co-ordination, motor skills, cognitive skills through games, and puzzles, and much more. The program aligns parents through webinars, parent-teacher meetings, progress trackers, assessments and certificates. It is backed by solid experience of academically supporting many preschools centres all over the country, with more than 35,000 children’s abilities meticulously developed with this proven system. 

Susmita Sanyal, Founder of Bright Kid Montessori House and the Executive Director of Bright Edge Edusystems said, “Small children learn as they see, hear, touch and feel, so preparing the learning environment at home is necessary, where family members play a very important role model for these young children to look up to and follow. Children are very sensitive and curious to learn new things from their environment without being conscious about it. We should encourage and invite them to choose age-appropriate activities that they understand, so that they repeat it, enjoying the learning experience for cognitive development. Bright Kid at home program is crafted to develop the whole child in the safety and comfort of home by integrating Montessori approach for concept building with application skills through AR- enabled Smart Books, Learning Apps, Portals, Teaching and Interactions for subject teaching and thematic interactions with teachers along with classmates in small groups and the same is tailored to the personal development path of each child, which is crucial considering the present requirements.

About Ken42: Ken 42 is a complete education ecosystem that revolutionizes how administrators manage their institutions, faculty imparts learning, and how students gain academic and real-world knowledge and skills. Designed to support students at every stage of their crucial learning years, from 1.5 years of ages onwards higher education and placements, and includes every format of learning such as coaching, training and hobbies, Ken 42 is strongly differentiated from a learning management platform, and from other edtech apps available in India. 

Conceptualized by serial entrepreneur Ganesh Raju in October 2019, Ken 42 also enables online classroom and exams, certificate courses from universities around the world, and opportunities for personal growth in the form of interview preparation, public speaking, and professional skills. 

Backed by Turbostart a bi-yearly program for early-stage startups that aspire to be part of a unified and encouraging startup ecosystem, Ken 42 occupies a unique position as mentors to the startup ecosystem with a focus on ed-tech. It boasts a series of strategic alliances as well as long-standing relationships with premier educational institutions and governmental organizations, enabling it to create a solution that is not just cutting edge with unmatched user experience but closely aligned to educational policy and change. 

With its one-of-a-kind integrated platform, Ken 42 is set to disrupt both the education and learning and the K- 12 edtech industry by ensuring maximum student success, without the need of managing multiple platforms. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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