Cooking, as fun as it can be, takes up a lot of your time. If you’re a working mom, a student or a young working professional, cooking might seem a stressful job; especially when you are running late for college or work, or might seem like a lengthy process when you’re trying to have a fun weekend. And when it comes to food, healthy, delicious desi food is what we tend to crave. 

Let’s make your job a little easier, and make cooking double the fun again. Here are a few quick cooking hacks for your desi meals.

Everyone has been in a situation where they put the milk on the stove, forget about it, and run around the house doing everything else. And by the time you realise it, the milk has already overflowed. Here is a trick – place a wooden spoon on the vessel, and it will not spill!

Making soft rotis can be a task, and a long one at that, because you have to knead the dough for a long time, leaving our arms sore. And more often than not, if you are not an expert, your rotis might not even turn out to be soft. Here is what you can do: add some milk to the dough. This will ensure the rotis turn out extremely soft!

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Do not like the amount of oil that puris soak up? And puris can soak up a lot! What you can do is, roll the dough for puri, and place them in the freezer for 15 minutes. Your puris will fluff up nicely without soaking up too much oil!

This is the thing about lemons: if you do not squeeze out the juice in a few days, they dry up. And when you do try to squeeze out the juice, it takes quite a bit of time, and your fingers end up feeling cramped. What you can do is, put the lemons in the microwave and heat them for about 10 to 20 seconds. This will help you juice the lemons more easily!

Onions take a long time to caramelize, unless you’re planning to deep fry them on a high flame. The next time you are looking to caramelize onions, add a bit of salt and the job will be done quickly.

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Have you ever tried making paani puri at home and the paani just didn’t turn out like the street-style ones? The next time you crave paani puri, just get Mother’s Recipe’s Panipuri paste, and your pani puri will taste just like the ones you get on the street. To top it off, it’s absolutely  healthy, with no preservatives.

Peeling boiled eggs with your bare hands hardly ever goes right. Here is an easy trick: place the eggs in batches in a plastic container, and close the lid. Shake the container until the eggs are entirely peeled!

Everyone has tried peeling garlic tirelessly and ended up with really smelly hands with an odour that does not budge. The easiest way to peel garlic is to chop the top and bottom! But guess what? You do not even have to do that! Mother’s Recipe Garlic Paste is the most authentic garlic paste that you can add to absolutely anything, and you will find no difference, because the paste is made from all natural ingredients!

Bhindi and rice, both, can be very sticky when you try to cook them; no one likes the stickiness! Here is what you do: squeeze a bit of lemon juice while you’re cooking either. This will ensure the stickiness goes away!

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After ginger, it is garlic. Ever noticed how extremely difficult it is to peel ginger? And if you’re trying to do so with a knife, it seems near impossible! To peel ginger faster, what you can do is use a spoon instead. This will ensure your ginger is thoroughly peeled, and will avoid wastage. But if you are looking to use ginger a lot, peeling them every now and again can seem like a task! Why not just get the Mother’s Recipe ginger paste instead? That will make your job even easier!

Those were a few Indian cooking hacks that you can definitely try! Here is another hack: Mother’s Recipe has ready to cook food, lip-smacking chutneys and pastes, that will make your job even easier! They are 100% natural, have no added preservatives and are full of natural flavour. Let us know if any of these hacks work! #KhabarLive #hydnews