Vegans in the city are sick of having to choose between organic, vegan food, and taste! Compromise does not have to be the only way, proves 45th Karachi Avenue in Jubilee Hills Of Hyderabad, right next to Journalists Colony lies this elegant cafe by Karachi, which needs no introduction. 

There are many unique factors about 45th Avenue, the first being its interiors. Tasteful furniture is carefully arranged under bright, elegant lighting. The brown wood interiors combined with the sleek modern counters and display gives the cafe a cosy, sophisticated feeling.

Despite having a steady flow of customers, the staff is attentive and responds very quickly, which is another plus point. A special point to be mentioned is the healthy food options. Unlike other Karachi outlets, 45th Avenue offers non-vegetarian food with beloved vegetarian classics.

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Along with these are gluten-free options and vegan options. For starters, chilli cheese toast was said to be the most popular, and it is no surprise as to why. It lives up to its name as a lovely starter that can be quite filling.

A perfect blend of cheese and spice that makes it the perfect snack to go along with a drink. For the main course, there’s plenty of options – from chaat to salad, pasta to burgers.

The special Mock meat burger is an interesting item- for it is a burger that is completely vegan, from the patty made of soya to the buns made of almond flour.

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The special emphasis on  healthy alternatives. The chef Rajesh mentions Keto options on the menu. He spoke in detail about how the dessert bar is divided into sections according to cuisine,

Turkish baklava designed by a Turkish confectioner and French pastries exclusively created by a French chef, the many options of sweets here are authentic recipes, and these set them off from other desserts in the city.

The chefs Rajesh and Pramit’s passion for all things culinary shines through in their creations, as they introduce each dish with the thought behind how they designed it and what they were going for. Chef Pramit spoke about how they’re experimenting with soya and other meat alternatives to create the perfect mock meat as the future of this year is said to be when mock meat will be embraced.

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The bakery, where bread is baked all day long sits right in the middle of the cafe, so bread lovers would have the time of their lives during the afternoon hours, where the cafe would be filled with the smell of freshly baked bread.

There’s a variety of beverage options as well, with monstrously huge frappes to cute cups of iced teas. A cosy atmosphere is guaranteed for those who choose to visit this beautiful place. #KhabarLive #hydnews