You seem to have everything worked out well when it comes to exercising. You have a structured plan with the right exercises, progressions, and load listed for every day of the week.

You are a stickler for pre and post-workout hydration and nutrition. You also get adequate sleep and are in the habit of monitoring your training status. But you seem to have skin problems and frequent colds?

It could be that you are unaware of some simple post-workout hygiene mistakes that you’ve been making. There are microscopic organisms lurking in workout areas that are potentially unhealthy. These germs and fungi cause painful skin conditions like athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch etc. Besides, allergens and the cold virus have a larger presence in the closed quarters of workout spaces. Also, with sweat streaming down your body and drenching your clothes there are bacteria that feed on sweat, causing body odour.

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Here are five tips on how to safeguard against unhealthy environments in workout spaces:

Use a towel to wipe off sweat from your face and hands instead of using the back of your hand. This reduces the probability of germs entering your nose, mouth or eyes. Also, use this towel to lay out on benches or seats before you lie down or sit to exercise.

Your water bottle should be made from metal and not plastic since plastic holds on to bacteria. It should also have a screw-on lid so that the rim surface that touches your mouth is unexposed at all times. Don’t forget to wash your water bottle with warm water and soap before you set it aside for the next day.

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When taking a shower use an anti-bacterial gel to ensure any bacteria that you may have picked up, get killed.

On reaching home from your workout, I have found great benefit in using a Neti-Pot to do a nasal wash with warm water. It ensures that any allergens or viruses that you’ve picked up are cleaned out from the sinuses keeping you safe from colds.

While strong fragrance deodorants may make you smell good initially; it is post-workout body odour that will overpower everything.

Ecperts suggest for deodorants or preferable roll-ons with a formula that provides long-lasting body odour control. Use them directly on your underarms because that’s the actual source of body odour.

Experts recommend roll-ons that contain specially formulated Silver-Ions Technology that is known to effectively reduce up to 99% odour-causing bacteria.

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Your best bet against odour after a thrilling workout session is having a wash with an anti-bacterial shower gel that would also give instant freshness post-shower.

Sweat is the body’s physiological response to heightened metabolic activity and the accompanying increase in its core temperature. The downside is that it can inevitably result in body odour. It is one factor that can alienate you from inclusion in workout camaraderie with friends.

When you work out with gym mates or fellow athletes, smelling good is something that can add to the ‘feel good’ factor during exercise. Don’t let body odour stop you from doing what you love, incorporate some these tips for a good post-workout experience. #KhabarLive #hydnews