As the International Women s Day 2021 is here and we are with this year s theme and that is Choose To Challenge Read on to know more about the significance of the theme.

It is 2021 and now is the time for women who all around the globe deserve a peaceful environment, equal rights and opportunities. and it is almost fascinating to see the tables turning in terms of people’s outlook towards women and valuing their contributions across the world.

The International Women’s Day is celebrated on every March 8 to observe women’s success and part in cultural, political, social and economic development. It is also acknowledged to make people aware of women’s rights and gender equality.

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The story of why this day is celebrated on March 8 dates back to 1917 where on the same date women gained suffrage in Soviet Russia. Later, March 8 became a national holiday and the day used to be celebrated by the communist countries and socialists movement. There after in 1977 United Nations recognized the day and started celebrating the day as International Women’s Day.

The theme of International Women’s Day 2021 is ‘Choose To Challenge’. This states that the women are responsible for their own thoughts and actions everyday and they challenge the world everyday. The theme further signifies that women can choose to challenge gender bias and inequality in the world. People need to celebrate women’s achievements and also make world a better place to live in with equality.

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The official website of the International Women’s Day came up with the campaign theme and it is now asking the organizations and people to share the images with #ChooseToChallenge in the caption. In the picture, one needs to put a hand up facing the camera which will symbolize you calling out and standing against gender bias. #KhabarLive #hydnews