According to, India started the game very timidly and fortunately was only 1 goal ahead after halftime. After restarting, the Blue Tigers are much more adventurous and always attack both sides.

Just before that moment, they were rewarded when Manville Singh finished a cross from Bipin Singh and restored parity. After the draw, India defended much better as the players made some incredible tackles and interceptions. Alternatives, including Apuia, also adapted well to the pace. This was confirmed that the Blue Tigers would come out of the match with a draw, despite being the second-best outfit for the majority of the match.

Alternatively, the results can be quite important for Igor Stimac, as he is trying to lock his philosophy aside. There were some unstable moments, but he was impressed with how his team fought in the second half and played more courageous football. Also, with India playing international football 15 months later, Stimak feels less dissatisfied with the outcome.

International friendly match: How it went

India will face Oman in the first of two international friendly matches in Dubai and the second against the United Arab Emirates on March 29. Chhetri did not enter the friendship for medical reasons because he tested positive for coronavirus.

Manville Singh and Amlin Dar Singh play a key role for the Green Tigers in their return to international football after a 492-day gap when India drew Oman 1-1 at MakToum bin Rashid Stadium. Goalkeeper Amrinder Singh managed to save a penalty in the first half, but Oman opened the scoring with an own goal in the 43rd minute. However, the Blue Tigers collided with their opponent and grabbed him. The score was leveled by Manville Singh, who returned from Bipin’s pass. Indian head coach made his international debut with 10 men in the same match. The debutants performed well in the starting match.

It was a big mistake that India was wasting ownership on half of them and most of the players were getting tired. Oman tried to open the Indian defense, but they encountered a large Indian defense because they only got the corner due to their efforts.

Indian players performed well in the second half

In the end, we got good results. The whole team reacted very well in the second half. They did their best and tried everything. There’s a good transition I’m looking for. At the end of the day, the Indian coach had 10 debutant in the first match. However, the end of the international friendly match was good. Some people have a lot of fields, while others have only a handful. But they all play their roles in earning the first points in three matches. Thanks to Manville Singh’s late header, what seemed like a difficult defeat has turned into a memorable draw. Join us on March 29 for all the latest updates from India’s Second International Friendly. It will be really interesting to see how these new players will perform in the next match. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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