The sweet, smooth summer taste. We called it the Ice Apple or natures Halwa. It’s called Munjalu in telugu, palmyra palm tree fruit, Taal in Bengali, Tadfali in Gujarati,Tari in Hindi, Tale Hannu or Taten in Kannada, Targula in Konkani, Pana Nangu in Malayalam, Tala in Oriya, Taati Nungu in Tamil, and Munjal in Urdu.

Ice apple or nungu is natural coolant, it offers incredible health benefits. It is a seasonal fruit, it helps get rid of toxins in the body, it also helps maintain the body’s natural temperature. Its fruit texture is similar to lychee and when comes to its taste, it is similar to tender coconut. It is usually found in the southern part of India and it is considered as best summer fruit. The above fruit is perfect mix of both minerals as well as sugar which are essential to the body.

  • Low calorie fruit
    Ice fruit is a powerhouse of phytonutrients, carbohydrates and calcium. It contains minimal amount of fiber, it has got vitamins A, C, B7, K and iron, which are extremely helpful for health. It also helps prevent dehydration, which could be a prominent health issue during summer.
  • Natural remedy for digestive issues
    Ice apple acts as a best natural remedy for varied digestive issues, including constipation and acidity. It also helps get relief from nausea, which often occurs during the time of pregnancy.
  • Slow down aging
    Ice apple contains strong phytochemicals, these have both strong antioxidants as well as inflammatory properties, these help slow down the aging process and also helps in lowering the risk of developing varied incurable diseases.
  • Helps Lose weight
    Ice apple is a seasonal and local fruit, it helps reduce weight, it has water, when consumed the individual have the feeling of fullness throughout the entire day, hence they would stop indulging in binge eating.
  • Prevent rashes
    Ice apple helps prevent heat, rashes as well as prickly heat, which are very common during summer. When you apply the flesh of an ice apple on the affected area, this helps get rid of itchiness during the summer.
  • Down with Chickenpox
    All those individuals who are down with chickenpox, you must add this fruit in your diet. It helps alleviate specific types of skin irritation caused due to chicken pox.
  • Keeps Heat Strokes Away
    When individuals include ice apple in their major part of daily diet, it contains lots of water and it keeps the body hydrated.
  • Fight Fatigue
    During the summer, people usually feel more tired and they tend to sweat a lot. The best way to fight fatigue is consume ice apple regularly.
  • Cures Digestion Problem
    If you want to put an end to all digestion problems, you must eat a lot of nungu or ice apple during the summers. The above fruit is often used as an ancestral therapy to cure all digestion problems.
  • Relieves Constipation
    Ice apple helps relieve from constipation, if you do not like to eat this fleshy fruit, you can make a juice drink it every morning on an empty stomach.
  • Helps get rid of liver problem
    This tops the list of health benefits, this fruit is quite helpful as it slowly helps get rid of liver problems and it cleanses the toxins with high amount of potassium present in the fruit.
  • Prickly heat pimples
    The above fruits help cool the body during summer and it helps get rid of prickly heat pimples.
  • Heat boils
    During the summer season, many tend to get heat boils because temperature increases, when you consume more amount of ice apple, it will keep you away from heat boils.
  • How to make ice apple shake?
    This is a simple recipe, blend the ice apple. coarsely and also add some thick milk to it. In the water, add some sabja seeds and also badam pisin (badam gum), when these both get soaked well. Add them to the blended shake and not to forget add sugar too. Chill them in refrigerator and serve.
  • Consume fresh ice apple
    One good practice to follow is, consume it fresh, it is highly perishable. Do not eat overripe ice apple, you may experience stomach ache.
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This delicious fleshy fruit with  translucent jelly like flesh is found on streets of India during summer. Due to its body cooling effect, look and feel, it is known as ice apple. Munjal / Ice apple has a lot of health benefits that are discussed below.

Thaati Munjalu provides a perfect balance of minerals and sugar for the body during the summer season, it is rich in B vitamin, iron and calcium.

Thaati Munjalu, the Ice apple is also rich in Vitamin A and C, Zinc, Phosphorous, Potassium, which are good for the human body to flush out the toxins naturally. The juicy Thati Munjalu fruit provides cooling effect to the skin and body that can reduce the itchiness in people suffering from chickenpox.

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Over all the best use of fruit is that this is a natural coolant food for the body during the hot summer season. It is one of the best summer fruits consumed to beat the harsh heat. Below are few health benefits of Thaati Munjalu or ice apple :

  • Thaati Munjalu aids in Weight Loss and getting rid of Nausea.
  • The indigenous people say it’s an effective cure to the Chickenpox virus. It has anti-viral properties is what their opinion says about this fruit.
  • Thaati Munjalu helps beat the Heat Stroke during harsh summers
  • Thaati Munjalu helps in digestion and constipation During Pregnancy and reduces acidity, which is very common with pregnant women.
  • It helps in Hydration, Stomach Ailments & Digestion, Fatigue, Liver Problems are cured as it flushes out the toxins out of the body because of high potassium content in the fruit,
  • Prickly Heat Pimples, Boils are best prevented by Thaati Munjalu  as they reduce the overall body temperature under control. It minimizes the risk of Breast Cancer, and Boost the body Energy with right balance of minireals and nutrients.
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Fresh Fruit Itself having rich in B vitamin, iron, calcium, Vitamin A and C, Zinc, Phosphorous and Potassium. #KhabarLive #hydnews