Good news for all those are suffering from liver related disease. There is blessed herb which is also known as Mary thistle, holy thistle.

This herb helps patients suffering from liver related diseases. When Virgin Mary was beneath the milk thistle tree, nursing the baby Jesus and a few drops of her milk fell on this leaves and it remained, thus it became holy herb.

What is Milk thistle?
Milk Thistle Was found earlier in Mediterranean countries .It is flowering herb and it belongs to daisy and ragweed family.

How does Milk thistle work on the body?
Milk thistle consists of active ingredient known as Silymarin .It works both as anti-inflammatory and also as an antioxidant in the body.

What are Milk thistle benefits?

• It helps in lowering levels of cholesterol, thus it results in having healthy heart.

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• It helps patient suffering from diabetes, especially suffering from type 2 diabetes .it helps in improving the insulin resistance. Blood sugar levels are decreased.

• Growth of cancer cells is restricted in breast, Prostate cancers, Cervical.

• It helps to treat patients who are affected by viral hepatitis.

• It acts as an emergency antidote when poisoning due to deathcap mushroom occurs.

• Milk thistle is used for treating liver problems such as cirrhosis, gallbladder disorder, hepatitis and jaundice.

• It helps those patients who suffer from liver problem which is mainly due to consumption of alcohol. It helps the liver function of these patients.

• It also helps patients whose liver are damaged due to industrial toxin which are toluene and xylem.

What are the side effects of Milk thistle?
Usage of milk thistle for longer duration, these individuals may experience varied side effects such as below

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• Diarrhea

• Nausea

• Stomach upset and gas problem

• Bloating

• Allergy reactions

Milk Thistle extract
Soothing properties are believed to be in the liquid milk thistle, extract. It is also demulcent. It is used to treat various skin problems such as acne, eczema. When patients used liquid milk thistle there are drastic changes such as there is decrease in following skin related problems.

• Redness

• Dryness

• Cracking

Some patients have benefited because there were improvements in the skin which are follows

• Noticeable glow is noticed

• Skin Radiance is improved

Milk Thistle Seed
Milk thistle seeds are covered mostly with feathery tufts, which are used as herbal medicine in olden days. Greek physician who worked with Roman army around 1900 has given this name silybum by dioscorides. It is edible because it has white mottling on the leaves and it is popularly known as milk thistle.

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Milk Thistle Liver Detox
By intake of liver detox diet, it helps the body to detox the body .This also helps in empowering the liver to deal with all types of toxins which the body releases while detoxing.

Milk Thistle Glycerine
Intake of Milk thistle helps patients who are suffering from liver related diseases. It was earlier used by Greek and Romans as a medicinal herb for various liver related problems. This plant grows easily and matures within one year.

Milk thistle which is available in most of health stores are alcohol based and this should not given to dogs. Only Glycerine based milk thistle should be given to dogs. #KhabarLive #hydnews