A surprising announcement made by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao made thousands of teachers working in various private schools in the state euphoric for at least an hour, but their spirits have been dampened within no time.

On Thursday evening, there was a statement from chief minister’s office that he has decided to release Rs 2,000 financial assistance and 25 kg rice free of cost through the Fair Price Shops per month to the teachers and other staff of the recognized private educational institutions in the State till the schools reopen.

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The decision was taken because these private employees were facing problems due to shutting down of the educational institutions due to Corona Pandemic.

He said to get the assistance the private educational institutions’ teachers and other staff should apply to the district collector concerned with their bank account details and other relevant information.

KCR instructed Education Minister Ms Sabita Indrareddy, Civil Supplies Minister Sri Gangula Kamalakar, Government’s Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma to hold a videoconference at 11.30 AM tomorrow at BRK Bhavan.

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All the district collectors, DEOs and Civil Supplies departments DSOs will participate in the conference. Orders for the implementation of the required guidelines and action plan will be issued.

However, within a short period, there was a clarification from the CMO stating that the financial assistance and rice supply to the private school employees is not per month, but only for one time.

This has disappointed the beneficiary teachers and other staff members a lot, as the amount would mean nothing for them in the given scenario.

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KCR said the decision was taken on a humanitarian consideration and it would help 1.50 lakh teachers and staff working in the recognized private educational institutions in the State. But it would have been better, if the benefit is continued at least till they are taken back into the jobs in the private schools. #KhabarLive #hydnews