Taking advantage of this opportunity some corporate agencies have started a new business. They take care of all the activities such as bringing dead bodies in a van and conducting cremation ceremonies.

Every day millions of people are infected with the corona. Thousands of victims are dying due to this deadly disease. If someone dies with a corona the family members and relatives don’t even come to the funeral. Many families are in mourning as they are unable to hold the funerals of those who died with Corona. With this, in many places, the sanitation staff is conducting funerals for corona corpses and expressing humanity.

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Together they are talking about a package in advance with family members. It is noteworthy that the respective agencies are charging up to Rs 30-35 thousand for this. These agencies provide services in seven major cities of the country.

Anthesti Funeral Services offers such services in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur and Hyderabad. The agency is charging up to Rs 32,000 to conduct corona patients’ funerals in Hyderabad. Taking the dead body from the hospital to the cemetery.

Funerals are conducted according to the tradition of the respective families, from the cremation to the handing over of the ashes to the family members.

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An agency called Funeral Services in Hyderabad also offers similar services. Gold and Silver packages are offered depending on the financial means of the respective families. All you have to do is go to the company’s website and enter the details and they will take care of everything. They are charging up to Rs 35,000 for this.

However, with tens of thousands of corona deaths occurring every day, there are no places in cemeteries for cremation, say agency representatives. People are also satisfied with this type of service. They are of the opinion that these services are being provided at affordable prices as compared to the ambulance service.

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Corporate agencies have now started a new business. Managers of the respective agencies say that in Hyderabad as well as other metro cities, an average of 6-10 funerals are conducted per day. Although other businesses have squatted due to the coronavirus, the funeral business is still providing employment to many. #KhabarLive #hydnews