Melbet offers you to bet on the famous CS:GO shooter. Below you will learn how to play and win with this game. Learn the guide for beginners.

Melbet offers you to bet on the famous CS:GO shooter. Below you will learn how to play and win with this game. Learn the guide for beginners. This information will be useful to anyone who likes betting. Don’t worry about laws, melbet legal in india.

About the game CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an exciting shooter game on Steam. This is the most important event for all esports fans. The game was created and released by Valve. You can play in the first person. In CS:GO there is no single player campaign. The competition is conducted only with the team.

The shooter has many players. They place bets and compete with each other. Melbet India gives you the opportunity to enjoy the game and win money. If you want to learn how to bet on CS: GO, follow the simple instructions step by step.

What to bet on in CS (round, mine, etc.)

You can place bets in CS:GO in cash. To do this, the player must top up the deposit. This can be done on Melbet India using different payment systems. In addition, you can place bets with skins. These are items that each player can purchase to participate in competitions on the market. Just keep in mind that not all bookmakers work with skins.

You can bet on the winner of the match, any stage of the tournament, round, and much more. But first you need to understand what bets exist in CS: GO, what they mean and what distinctive features the shooter has. So, two teams of five people take part in the game: Terrorists (T) and Counter-terrorists (CT). The task of the first is to install mines. The second must find the bombs and defuse them. There is nothing complicated in the rules of the game.

The bookmaker gives out the card. The winner is the team that with this card will win in sixteen rounds. A successful stage means getting money. Players exchange them for equipment. You need to remember that winning on the card is not always a victory in the tournament. Often, conditions are put forward for winning up to one, two, and three cards won. For sure mostly in CS:GO bets are placed on the winner.

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Predicate for the game

Every time, it is very important to anticipate the actions of the enemy and build your basic strategy on these assumptions. More important for games where you need to think tactically. For simple shooters, it will most likely be expressed in prefires (prefire), when you start shooting before you see or hear the enemy, so that he immediately dies when he comes around the corner. So you can get a good result and become lucky.

How to analyze games played

To successfully place bets every time, you need to analyze the games played. To do this, compare the commands. Select the desired tournaments and see the results of the last five matches of both teams. You will see how many times a particular team has won and with what score. Keep an eye on the tournament grid. As experience suggests, it is best to bet on bo3 matches (the best for 3 games). So the stronger team can lose the first game, but win the other two.

Of great importance in CS: GO is the map on which the tournament will be held. It is almost impossible to predict this. There are teams that only work with specific maps. Analyze which map the team shows the best results on.

Melbet India advises you to follow the history of the team. Pay attention to whether any player has left and whether there will be a replacement. This information can be found on the players ‘ Twitter or on sites dedicated to esports disciplines. All this will help you not to make a mistake and make a successful bet online like a pro.

How do I identify a favorite on the map?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments are played on different maps. Each of them has certain nuances and gives advantages to one of the parties. Check out the information below. It will help you better navigate a specific situation.

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1. Nuke

It is the most popular map among professionals. Thus, the win rate on Nuke for CT is 57% against 43% for terrorists (T). Given the sample size of more than 2,500 games, the statistics are more than objective.

The advantage of CT is due to the more convenient structure of the location for controlling the prisoners and the possibility of retreating to the ramp. In 2016, the map was slightly redesigned, but the imbalance has not gone away. In general, seeing the advantage of the team in the first half on Nuke for CT, do not rush to bet, because there is a change of sides ahead. On Nuke, the team that takes more rounds for the terrorists wins.

2. Train

The winrate ratio is 45.4%/54.6% in favor of the Special Forces. There are many long sections on the map, which is why snipers often decide the outcome of the round. But playing with the AWP from the defense, sitting in a comfortable position, is much easier than from the attack side. Yes, there are more advantageous and defensive positions on the location, which mainly affects the difference in the success of the parties.

It is also worth considering the skill of the team players with AWP. If there is a strong sniper in the team, the chance to win the card increases significantly.

3. Mirage

This map is the most recommended of the mappulas. However, according to the win rate of the parties, it is among the three least balanced. The percentage of wins for T is 46.9, for CT, respectively, 53.1.

Professional players explain the situation by the fact that due to the small size of the map, special forces quickly take advantageous positions to control the passages to the places where bombs are placed, as well as a lot of good points for shooting with AWP.

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4. Inferno

In the past, the card gave the advantage of CT. But after the next update, the attack on Inferno began to win more often. The average win rate of the special forces is 51.8% against 48.2% in favor of the terrorists.

The map update removed a number of decoys and points where CT could be trapped, as well as cleared some of the textures that the defense players could hide behind. One of the long passageways connecting the two ends of the map has also been expanded, making it more difficult to spread the smokes and grenades and making it easier to pass the attack.

5. Overpass

Another card with a margin in favor of CT (53%). The main reason for the imbalance is the long journey to bomb sites for terrorists. At this time, the special forces can take a good position for an ambush and stop the advance. In addition, attack players need to spend more on equipment, which negatively affects the overall economy. Winning 5-6 rounds can be considered a good result on this map for terrorists.

The remaining cards (Cache and Dust2) have a small advantage in the direction of attack, but in general they are very balanced. Therefore, when betting, you should start from how well and often the team as a whole plays on them and in what form it is.


You can find a video on Youtube on how to bet on CS: GO. It is also useful to visit the tournamentforum. There you will find a lot of useful information. You do not need to focus only on the name of the team. Even if it has many wins, you need to pay attention to its participants. A lot depends on the behavior of the players. In the shooter, they often change. Follow the team’s strategies. Wait for the tournament to start in Live at Melbet India if you are not sure about the result. #khabarlive #hydnews #hydlive

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