What if your luxury spa healing turns into a form of getting away from the entire pest and bothering that you don’t want to be a part of, and land up in the lap of nature?

Well, the augmenting growth of ‘wellness centres’ across the country is serving the literal purpose of it! Widely known as the holistic approach to living better, these places seem to be frequently visited by several celebs who want to flee from the spotlight and paparazzi for a while. No crabbiness for celeb-spotting, no snagging a photo or even an autograph, wellness centres with ample dieticians, physicians and therapists teach you about pain management.

With affordable price tags in such centres, this certainly can be your budget getaway! Besides spoiling yourself with manicures and massages, these spots can serve as a place for trying out yoga, body carving, clean eating, generating a vision for you and perhaps recovering from bad situations.

To be able to spend time at a wellness centre is like planning a soulful journey these days for the very rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit. There are serene locations, you can feed on the local cuisine and there is also a unique touch of lavishness in it – a retreat designed to permit you to rest and embrace the natural way of living. Calling it the new self-care movement, it’s the suitable time for an individual to reflect on themselves.

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According to a report by the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is slated to grow at an average annual rate of 7.5 per cent by 2022! This is higher than the projected 6.4 per cent rate for the annual growth of overall global tourism. Sadhguru, an Indian yogi runs Isha Foundation which has become the new wellness getaway for many celebs these days. He has recently introduced the ‘yogic way of wellness’ soliciting one to devote themselves to spiritual sustenance by squandering some time on the property taking a hiatus!

“There are many people who are medically healthy, but not healthy in the real sense because they do not experience a sense of wellness within themselves. If one has to experience this sense of wholeness and oneness, it’s important that one’s body, mind, and above all, one’s energy functions in a certain level of intensity within themselves and for that there are places for it.

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This whole attitude of trying to fix everything from the outside has to go. No doctor or medicine can ever give you health. They can assist you when you have fallen ill and help you out of it a little bit, but health has to happen within yourself. And, to be able to do that at a wellness centre is the real retreat,” shares the guru.

One additional trend that has always stayed since medieval times whenever somebody spoke about wellness is the ‘Turkish bath’. A very prominent feature in the culture of wellness trends, it’s like a bath-house that became popular as a therapy in ancient times and continues to flourish till date making its way into Kashmir as well.

Better known as the method of cleansing, it’s a place for relaxation that’s both religious and public! So, there are these wellness experiences that one must definitely try once in their lifetime to know the processes behind what it takes for spirited well-being. Especially with the Covid pandemic lurking around, the anxiety and stress due to it can also be determined in wellness-focused areas with practices like Ayurveda and meditation too along with some detoxing.

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Obscure, spiritual, self-development – call it you what you will, but a wellness getaway lets you lean into your fierce energy, allowing you to find your authentic self and the voices within. It’s indeed exhilarating! A vivacious presence revitalises you for some soul-cleansing, expecting you to leave holistic fitness therapy with a solid body, yielding heart and an open mind.

The desire to escape from the daily stressors of life, crossing the threshold of this modern phenomenon is enviable, because, in a good way, we’re more concerned about our well-being and that’s how the wellness centres are capitalising on this.

An activity considered to be both therapeutic and social, the rejuvenating properties, like a trend, are soon seeping their way into the fitness and health industry. #KhabarLive #hydnews