The situation is quite alarming to see the number of corona positive cases as well as the deaths increasing day by day. Only India appears to be the hot bed of this virus now. 

Getting a hospital bed with oxygen or ventilator support has become a tough task for patients and their relatives, as the surge of new Covid infections and active cases continues in Hyderabad, Medchal-Malkajgiri and Rangareddy districts.

The picture at various hospitals where there are no adequate beds, the scene at the deaths of patients due to the lack of oxygen supply and the scenario of long queues at the crematoriums surely send chills in the spines.

Due to the struggle in accessing hospital beds, critical patients needing immediate ventilator care or oxygen supply are ending up travelling long distances. As the pandemic is expected to progress further in the coming weeks, the public could find even more difficulties in accessing beds with oxygen and ventilator support, senior doctors here fear.

Many are going mentally sick with over exposure to the pandemic updates. But what actually is happening and how to handle our minds.

There are already signs of distress, as almost all the medium and super-speciality private hospitals with more than 100-beds in the three districts are operating to their full capacity, with very few beds with oxygen and ICU/ventilator support left. A few private hospitals still have a very limited number of vacant beds but those too are either filling up fast or there is a waiting list of patients.

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Coronavirus has now become as common as the common cold. Not everybody who gets a positive report finds symptoms, not everyone who finds symptoms face serious trouble, not all who are in serious trouble become critical and not all critical patients will die.

Looking at the statistics, 2 out of 100 died of this pandemic till now worldwide since January 2020. Now coming to the present scenario in India, it is nearly 1 among the 100 is succumbing to this. The rate of death is decreased but the increasing number of positive cases is ringing the alarm.

When some above middle and rich segment people are tested positive, they are attempting to rush to corporate hospitals out of fear. The hospitals are also welcoming such patients suggesting to be hospitalized.

A popular film celebrity in Hyderabad who was hospitalized for about four days has paid the hospital bill of Rs 5 lakh.

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A producer has shelled out Rs 10 lakh to another corporate hospital just for taking care of his aged father who was Covid positive with no symptoms.

The people with deep pockets are comfortably finding beds and the service is being offered cashing the fear than the situation.

But when it comes to the below middle class and poor man, he is not approaching the hospital until he faces breathing problems. The private hospitals prefer the patients who pay the amount upfront or those who have good health insurance policies. Those who meet these requirements are finding a bed and the rest are being sent out stating ‘no beds available’.

Such people approach government hospitals. Everybody knows that the medical infrastructure in the government sector is not sufficient to cater to the needs of the huge population. The plight at the government hospitals never meets the satisfactory limit in normal days and it is needless to say about the same during the present pandemic days.

The majority of Indian population is middle, below middle and the poor. So, the situation looks catastrophic looking at the present situation.

Wearing a mask, washing hands, maintaining social distance, avoiding crowded places, stepping out of home only when it is necessary are the common steps to be followed by everyone without any exception.

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When someone feels a little sick with mild fever, headache or cough, he/she should confine to a room and observe the oxygen levels with an oximeter. As long as it falls not below 95 for a considerable longer time, the situation is not at all critical. More than 90 percent of people who suffer from fever, cough and headache (though Covid positive) get relief with paracetamol and  general symptomatic medication. It is not needed to run to hospital when the oxygen levels are between 95 and 100.

When someone finds hard to breathe, though tested positive for Covdi-19 or not, should check the oxygen levels. If it is falling below 95 consistently, then he should take doctor’s advice and act accordingly.

“Follow the pandemic protocol and don’t watch the TV continuously. Please don’t get obsessed to know the timely updates about the pandemic. Media highlights everything but whatever is shown is not the whole picture. The major chunk of the world is peaceful, happy and happening. Don’t spoil mental health with over thinking”, says Dr Anurag Sharma, a psychiatrist. #KhabarLive #hydnews