Starting the cutting the expenses drastically, only salaries, pension and Covid expenses to be paid, according to Telangana Finance department officials, they have been given verbal instructions not to clear any bills except for those pertaining to wages and urgent bills of the health department.

The state government has decided not to settle any bills except for paying this month’s salaries and pensions and clearing emergency bills of the health department. The decision was taken in the wake of the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

Finance department officials said that they have been given verbal instructions not to clear any bills except for those pertaining to wages and urgent bills of the health department.

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Revenue generating sources have been impacted because of lockdown. Even sales in liquor outlets have taken a beating as business timings have been restricted to four hours. Consequently, there has been a decline in tax collection. Land registrations have been put on hold and taxes from the transport department have also nosedived.

Given the precarious situation, indications are that the government is keen on securing funds to meet emergency requirements in the drive to contain the impact of coronavirus.

According to finance department officials, although the government wanted to pay retirement gratuity this month, it may be compelled to postpone it.

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Meanwhile, there is no clarity on implementation of the revised PRC. They said that all departments have been asked to prepare only wage bills and keep all other payments pending. They said it would be difficult to pay GPF, medical reimbursement and leave cash bills for government employees. Almost all bills are pending in wings like irrigation, roads, GHMC, municipality and panchayati raj.

Incidentally, those departments have not cleared bills for works that were executed last month. Tokens have been issued for some bills but payments have not been made.

Authorities state that bills to the overall tune of Rs 19,000 crore are pending across departments. The break-up is: irrigation department Rs14,000 crore, R&B (Rs1,200 crore), GHMC (Rs1,000 crore), panchayat raj (Rs 900 crore) and Rs 800 crore for works related to Mission Bhagiratha, among others. Officials have made it clear that the bills will not be paid even this month.

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With regard to the 12,751 gram panchayats, although cheques were issued in the second week of March, nearly Rs 1,300 crore remain outstanding.

Though some funds were released for Palle Pragathi, cheques are not being honoured for various projects and works, including Prakruthi Vanalu, Vaikunta Damas and Haritha Haram. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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