Now, the Covid testing becomes more handy with CoviSelf Rapid Testing Kit. The Pune-based Mylab Discovery Solutions unveiled India’s first self-use Rapid test, called ‘CoviSelf’,’ just a day after the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) released home testing guidelines.

According to Mylab, each Coviself test kit costs Rs 250 and includes all testing materials, an IFU leaflet, and a biohazard bag for safe disposal after testing. To minimize the discomfort level, the procedure is intended to be performed with a nasal swab rather than a deep nasopharyngeal swab. In 15 minutes, CoviSelf will have results. Those who test negative but appear to have COVID-like symptoms should see their doctor for further treatment. Mylab was the same company that, a year ago, produced India’s first RT-PCR test.

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According to ICMR guidelines, symptomatic individuals and immediate contacts with reported cases should use the self-use examination. According to an official statement, users of this test would not require sample selection by a healthcare professional. The ICMR has warned against indiscriminate use of the kits, stating that all symptomatic people who test negative by RAT should have themselves tested immediately through RT-PCR.

Hasmukh Rawal, Managing Director of Mylab Discovery Solutions said that the pandemic is the most serious situation that our country has ever seen. CoviSelf will assist in the rescue of several lives. They will make millions of kits available in India at a fraction of the cost of similar kits in the United States.

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Sujit Jain, Director at Mylab said that this simple test is combined with Myab’s AI-powered mobile app so that a user can determine if he or she is positive, send the result directly to the ICMR for traceability, and know what steps the patient can take further for their betterment in the event of a positive result. They are confident that this small step will pave the way for the second and subsequent waves to be mitigated.

Meanwhile, Mylab’s current production capacity is 70 lakh tests per week, they are heading plans to expand to 1 crore tests per week in 14 days. Within a few days, it will begin sending out samples. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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