Our country is once again going through turbulent times… But these present times are unprecedented.

The collapse of a ruling government and the administration that is responsible for the catastrophic times in India during a pandemic are a first. We live in tragic times. There is a dark and evil world out there… all thanks to megalomania on the loose!

Fear seems to linger in every nook and corner. Our already ‘stretched to the limit’ medical staff, doctors, nurses, paramedics, frontline workers are overworked and overwhelmed. Yet, they are fighting against all odds to save lives while dealing with an irresponsible and careless administration.

Every ‘super human’ – (I call them superhuman because no ordinary person can do what these brave hearts are doing day in and day out at the cost of their health and lives in order to save people) is trying to help the sick…into recovery…with whatever little medical equipment, support, medicines, infrastructure available to them.

At present, situations are beyond their control and the diminishing aid from the central government and local administrations have added to the chaos. How does one then change the bad into good?

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Despite the death and despair all around, the only light in this tunnel of darkness are on-ground ordinary citizens…people like you and me…reaching out to help and support. Humanity is alive in the tiniest corners,in the gloomiest passages,in the most humbling ways. The ordinary citizen, the one who has been taken for a ride is working tirelessly to bring back… Peace… Humanity… Kindness… Solidarity… A reason to celebrate ‘life’ in these wretched moments.

Each new day, families wake up with dread and trepidation for they know not what is in store for a loved one who is sick. Every new dawn should be welcoming, raising hope and positivity. But alas, it is not to be for there are, not just one or two, but endless reasons to worry and live under constant strain and pray endlessly.

It’s so easy for people to say be positive or look on the bright side but where is the bright side today? Death has touched us all in this pandemic. For the very first time in my life, I have been writing condolence messages day after day. News of friends, relatives, known people passing away keep filtering in…endlessly.

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A patient’s family members are crying for their loved one who is struggling to overcome the sickness. A constant battle is on with no end in sight. A doctor’s family cries with concern and worry of their loved one. A frontline worker’s family cries as they are mortified about the safety of their own people. A medical worker’s family today is worried every second and living in constant dread and worry.

And don’t forget in all this a mother’s cry against the apocalypse that has hit us all thanks to the irresponsible behaviour by our leaders who have led us into a cesspool. Prioritising elections, political rallies, religious gatherings, cricket matches and anything and everything that has crowds.

Construction of a Central Vista is a priority and an essential service but medical aid/oxygen/hospitals are not while thousands are dying in our country.

Not a word of remorse, of accountability, of responsibility, Nothing! Just silence that has stunned the nation. There is a never ending list of atrocities that have occurred. How have we allowed things to reach this stage? How have we allowed them to get so out of hand that there are no strictures or structures to control this spiralling mess?

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Can anyone out there hear the cries of family members who have lost their loved one? Loud and it is reverberating all around. Does anyone care? A mother weeps for her children and her country, but in vain. Another sits staring into space in an autorickshaw with her son having passed without oxygen.

I had just one question on my mind the other day: On completion of the double dose of the vaccination, the certificate very boldly has the photograph of the ‘great’ leader. So then why not on the death certificates that are being issued – lives lost during this pandemic all thanks to a callous and withering leadership. #KhabarLive #hydnews

(About the Author: Rashmi Oberoi is s Writer, Columnist in different magazines and online media. She us a vivid writer and contributes on special stories of relationships.)