Hyderabad seems to be the safest city in India amidst Corona pandemic.

The state of Telangana reported only 6,361 new COVID cases, 8,126 recoveries and 51 deaths on 4th May.

This is the status of entire state, but when it comes to the city of Hyderabad the numbers will be correspondingly low.

“Coronavirus seems to be afraid of Hyderabad. It is hardly making any attempt to invade the city as it has been doing with its neighboring states”, mentioned a post on social media.

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“If the positive cases are only 6000 a day, why the hospital beds and unavailable? Why there is crunch for oxygen cylinders? The figures projected are deceiving”, wrote a netizen on social media.

Several trolls and memes are also cropping up alleging Telangana government of reporting false numbers to the media.

“The neighboring states of Telangana like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh are taking strict measures to stop the spread of virus. Telangana government has not been doing anything other than implementing a useless night curfew”, wrote another netizen on facebook.

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There is no clue why the state is not implementing day curfew or partial lockdown. The answer pointing to the economic crisis is not convincing. Why would the other states do if this is the case?

The bottom line is that the figures projected by the Telangana State and the actual situation at the hospitals and burial grounds are not matching.

A wrong message that Hyderabad is safer than other cities is spreading in the nation. #KhabarLive #hydnews