Online homework or academic help is the new buzzword in the education sector among students. Want to know more about it? Read this article and clarify your doubts.

As per a Pew Internet Project survey, about 87% of youth between the ages 12 and 17 use the Internet. That is equal to about 21 million people. From watching the latest episode of Riverdale to searching for information related to exams and results, the Internet helps students in all possible ways. So, why not use it to bring down your academic stress?

And the role of the Internet in education isn’t a myopic concept. 

 The Internet has always been reported to improve the quality of education. You can learn through videos and web tutorials and be in constant touch with your professors or fellow classmates. 

Similarly, it also lets you seek online essay help or academic assistance when factors such as parents’ unreal expectations and personal responsibilities make it difficult for you to focus. Here are the four major ways online homework help make your academic lives easier. 

  • Brings down your stress levels 

Academic life is anything but easy. There are several factors that may cause academic stress among students. For instance, your parents may expect you to score higher grades in your assignments every semester. Your professors may expect you to meet the highest academic standards at any cost. Thus, it is often overwhelming to fulfill these expectations. No wonder about 80% of students feel stressed out and 34% have feelings of depression and anxiety throughout their academic career. 

This is just a glimpse of one of the factors that cause academic stress. Other reasons include complex topics, urgent deadlines, etc. 

What is the role of online academic help services here?

  • Besides writing your homework, academic companies are also adept at helping you out with other types of assignments such as essays, dissertations, coursework, research papers, book reviews, etc. Let’s say you find it hard to write an essay. So, you can ask an expert essay writer to help you out rather than stressing out. 
  • The online academic writing companies handpick PhD-qualified writers to take care of your academic tasks. The writers are usually familiar with your university guidelines and they write your papers according to that. So, chances are you might get higher grades on your paper effortlessly. 
  • About 3 million students are confined to their homes due to the pandemic. The mandated social distancing measures compelled students to stay away from friends, thereby feeling anxious and isolated. These feelings may make it hard for you to focus on your assignments. That is when you can seek online experts’ help and meanwhile take your time to deal with the mental issues. 

Helps you meet your urgent deadlines 

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Deadline anxiety can take a toll on your mental peace. But, you can’t avoid your deadlines because doing so will cost you valuable grades. Meeting deadlines can be both challenging and hectic. You may have multiple academic tasks to take care of at the same time. Moreover, there might be other personal responsibilities that you have to attend to. How would you manage your deadlines and personal responsibilities effortlessly? What if you end up skipping your deadlines? 

Online academic companies can come as a rescue to help you beat the deadline anxieties. Every time you struggle with deadlines, you can ask an online expert to help you out. You can use that time to focus on your priority tasks and other responsibilities. You require a clear mind to write academic papers accurately. But, deadline anxieties can make it way difficult for you to focus. 

What is the role of online help here?

  • Online academic experts follow a strict schedule to complete your tasks on time. The routine makes it possible for them to complete multiple assignments within the said deadlines. They prepare the schedule based on how soon you need the paper to be done. 
  • The writing team goes through rigorous training so that they are able to deliver the work on time. The training is important because it helps them get the hang of writing assignments on time without compromising the quality of their work. 
  • Reliable companies handpick only the best Ph.D. qualified writers who have at least five to six years of experience in this field. It is because of their qualifications and experience that they can meet urgent deadlines without fail. 

Follows your university guidelines and marking rubric 

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Most students seek online academic help to fetch higher grades in their papers. Fetching good grades in assignments isn’t an easy feat. From your sentence structures to the structuring of your paper, your professors assess every minute detail while assessing your paper. They expect each element of your academic paper to be 100% perfect. Anything less than that leads to guaranteed deduction of valuable marks. 

Reliable online academic writers work on your assignments according to your university guidelines and marking rubric. They prepare the structure and cite the sources as well, following those guidelines. Students often fail to write as per their university guidelines. Some may even not know the marking rubric followed by the professors while assessing your document. 

Why is it to get the formatting, structuring and referencing right?

  • Formatting– The accurate formatting ensures the logical and coherent flow of ideas throughout the paper. 
  • Structuring– The right structure makes it easier for your professors to move from one paragraph to another. 
  • Referencing– Referencing is important to provide the due credit to the sources that you have used in your assignments. 

Helps you submit 100% original work

As per a study by the Center for Academic Integrity, about 80% of college students admit to cheating at least once. Similarly, 36% of undergraduates admitted to plagiarising written material. Plagiarism has always been a severe issue among professors, writers and students. Your paper might be penalized, or your entire academic career might be ruined if your paper consists of even 1% of plagiarism. 

Writing 100% original assignments isn’t a child’s play. At times, your document may show traces of plagiarism even if you haven’t copied texts directly from the web. There are different types of plagiarism. Online academic experts are aware of all the types, and they have the qualifications to write 100% original assignments. 

How do they ensure the originality of assignments?

  • The reliable academic experts work on each assignment right from scratch. They do not take ideas from previous work even if they have worked on the same topic frequently. 
  • The writers also pick unique slants, approaches and ideas to write each assignment. Most of you end up plagiarising when the same topic has been assigned to you for two or three semesters consecutively. 
  • The writers use a reliable tool such as the Turnitin plagiarism checker to ensure that the work is devoid of any plagiarism. They usually send the report along with your completed paper. 

Wrapping Up – Academic stress is real. Whether you study in a brick-and-mortar environment or remotely, this stress is inevitable. Getting online academic help such as homework help or coursework help is one of the best ways to deal with this stress. However, you may find a wide slew of companies out there on the web. Be careful when it comes to choosing one for your papers. Read the reviews and then make your decision. 

(About the Author: Clara Smith is a student counselor at a reputed institution in the United States. She also provides My Assignment help to students at AllEssaywriter.)