The real pleasure and happiness occurs only to serve  help  love our parents especially father, who cares, loves, build our personality,  character and gives life to live.

It’s time to celebrate our dad! The special Sunday is, and if you are likely struggling to plan a truly epic Father’s Day surprise; then we have got you covered with an exciting tips.

On Father’s Day, we celebrate the superhero in our life with a visit to his favourite spot, take him shopping, or enjoy his favourite sport.

However, owing to the CVID-19 outbreak, the celebrations will be different than usual. Although the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is underway, and many states are easing restrictions, the partial lockdown will undoubtedly impact Father’s Day celebrations this year. But that doesn’t mean you cannot still devote the day to dad!

Fathers deserve to be celebrated in a special way, mothers can engage and help their kids to make it an unforgettable one. This not just makes the day special but also builds the father-baby bond.

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Check out the simple tips listed below that would help you pamper your dad in the most appropriate way this year.

1. Serve him a hearty brunch
Get on a cooking spree with your mother and start Father’s Day right off by treating your dad to a scrumptious feast that is fit for a king. Cook him an extra-memorable meal, complete with his favourite foods. Round out the meal with a morning fruity mocktail because he deserves all the love!

2. Laugh your way through comedy specials
Even if you can’t go to an actual theatre to watch movies, you can still laugh your night away with a movie-night special at home. Nothing beats an at-home movie night! Make your night special by organizing a Father’s Day special movie marathon. Create a cosy atmosphere and prepare some delicious food. If popcorn isn’t enough, we recommend getting takeout from dad’s favourite restaurant.

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3. Greet him with a video
Surprise your dad with a special collection of messages from loved ones. Due to the pandemic, your dad is probably missing his best friends and relatives. Collate messages from them and show him the video to instantly put a smile on his face. Include supportive and sweet messages from mom, your siblings, and you as well! You along with your mom can also get creative and surprise him with a DIY greeting card or a Father’s Day special photo collage. These will surely make your dad excited and happy.

4. Make a dad’s favourite playlist
Make a music playlist for your very own music aficionado. Remind dad how much you love and appreciate him by compiling an exclusive playlist stacked with his favourite songs. He will love the surprise and listen to the collection every day, all year round!

5. Plan A Fun Game Night
We are so used to having game nights with friends that we often forget how fun it is to have a game night with parents. Also, a game night is a great way to have quality bonding time with the entire family.

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And dads love to do that! Let dad choose a game he wants to play. You can battle over board games or solve tricky jigsaw puzzles to see how well you perform together.

All of these ideas will make your fathers feel loved and appreciated, which is just what they need on this special day!

Most importantly, don’t forget to spend time with him and celebrate him. If you are isolated at home with your dad, browse through this list of activities to make his day memorable or if you are away from your fathers on this special day, consider some virtual options to enjoy and celebrate. #KhabarLive #hydnews