The parents associations in Hyderabad strongly opposed the decision taken by Telangana government to reopening all schools from July 1. They  are afraid of the killer third wave of Coronavirus and its impact on their children when vaccination is not administered to below 18 years category. They allege this is only to rehabilitation process of school owners not the safety of their children.

The state cabinet’s decision to reopen fully all educational institutions from July 1 has drawn mixed responses from parents, with most of them expressing fears that their children might contract Covid as no one aged under 18 has been vaccinated so far and even the vaccinated ones among those aged over 18 years have not been given the second stage booster dose.

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The Hyderabad School Parents’ Association is totally opposed to the government’s decision to conduct physical education classes from July 1, even though the lifting of the lockdown in Telangana is widely considered a good development in view of the official position that the corona situation is under control. The HSPA has appealed to the government to reconsider its decision on how good it is to conduct physical classes when experts have warned of the onset of a third wave in six to eight weeks.

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K Venkat Sainath of HSPA said, “Under the present circumstances, it is not possible to follow the rules of physical distance, sanitation and wearing a mask in private schools or public schools. The government should take some more time to conduct physical classes and discuss with the parent committees before taking a decision on re-opening the schools while assessing the situation from time to time. The HSPA wants the government to make an effort to allay fears that parents have”.

Some parents have alleged that this reopening could be ploy for fee collection and may lead to exploitation in schools run by corporate entities. These parents say that immediately after schools and colleges open, the institutions would make parents and students sign fee commitment forms, after which the state might close them in the name third wave.

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Nagati Narayana, State President, Telangana Parents Association (TPA), said, “Government should intervene and  ensure that private schools are given fresh orders to take only tuition fees for this academic year as well. The state should follow the directions given by the Supreme Court on May 5 to pay the tuition fees due last year in installments. The government should regulate institutions to ensure that they do not harass parents for fees”.  #KhabarLive #hydnews