As many as 30 residents of Gudayanampalli village in Penumuru Mandal of Chittoor district who were administered a shot of Covishield as their first dose, were given Covaxin for their second dose at the Primary Health Centre during Sunday’s special vaccination drive.

While the goof-up doesn’t appear to have led to adverse health effects among those who received the vaccine, they are on tenterhooks, having spent a sleepless night.

According to reports, the villagers were none the wiser of the mix-up at the time and after leaving the vaccination centre, were alerted by their acquaintances later.

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Worried about the side effects, the beneficiaries tried to contact the health staff who were not available. Their worry turned to fear as medical personnel did not respond. Even on Monday, there was no response and the villagers want the health department to react.

The villagers alleged that the staff at the health centre failed to take proper care and check their details as they were in a hurry to achieve the target of administering more number of doses during the vaccination drive.

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When #KhabarLive contacted Chittoor District Medical and Health Officer Sri Hari about the issue, he said, “The health staff by mistake had given Covaxin instead of Covishield as the second dose. A special medical team has reached Gudayanampalli  village and all the 30 people who have taken the wrong jab are being monitored by the team of doctors for any side effects. Nothing negative has been reported till now.”

However, health experts say that it may still be too early to rule out any adverse effects among the people who have been administered the wrong jab. They say that remote villages don’t have a functional mechanism for people to report adverse events. #KhabarLive #hydnews