Writing a guest post is an art. Followed by techniques to get noticed and useful in search results and ranking. In this article  we are focusing on some important key points while jotting content.

When it comes to internet marketing, there are many subdivisions, and content marketing is one of them. Not only does it help in growing your blogs but also your career. Content marketing follows a simple idea and it focuses on creating engaging and educational content for the target audience, which in turn leads to increased online presence, build a stronger relationship, and promote your brand.

Although it sounds easy, the task becomes challenging when you have to compete with millions of other companies doing the same thing. The internet is filled with a lot of content, and the only way to outrun the competitors is by making your content stand out.

Now, creating compelling and different content is not that easy a task. You have to consider a lot of things to stand out in the competitive business world.

Are you wondering about how you can make your content stand out? Don’t worry!! This article will guide you through everything you need to know.

So, let’s have a look at the things you must take care of while writing a guest post.

1. Choose a Relevant Blog

One of the most important things to keep in mind even before you start writing a quality guest post is that you must never target a blog that has entirely different content than the one on which you are planning to write.

So, never go for a blog that has nothing to do with the kind of content you are planning to write. Thus, one of the best practices while writing a guest post is to maintain relevance in the blog on which you want your guest post and the blog site where you want to get it published.

For example, you wish to write on lifestyle, and the blog you choose is related to technology, then it will be of no use to get your post published. The best practice here is to find a blog that focuses on lifestyle.

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2. A Compelling Headline

Once you choose a blog that is in relevance to the type of content you wish to write, move forward, and start working on the headline.

Always remember, the headline is the first thing that people will notice in your blog. So, make it compelling and eye-catching. It should be able to grab the attention of the people, and as soon as they see it, they should feel the urge to read the content written under it.

One of the biggest mistakes people make while writing a guest post is that they take the headline for granted and leave it as an afterthought. You don’t have to go this way. So, make sure you work on the headline first and create an eye-catchy one.

3. Explore Related Information

After creating a compelling headline, the next right thing to do is exploring the information related to the title. You must find out all the new information available on the internet related to the title you choose so that you may create an informed post for your audience.

This will help you build your credibility among the target audience.

4. Easy to Read Article

When writing a guest post, people usually think that including fancy words will make their article look good. Well, it is not so. Articles with fancy words and highly technical language are not something that readers like to read.

If you make use of jargon, large and fancy words, it makes it difficult for the readers to understand what you are trying to say, and no one has enough time to sit with a dictionary and find out the meaning of each harsh/difficult word used by you. They stop reading the blog written by you.

So, make sure that the language you use is easy to read and understand, and the reader will end up enjoying the post.

5. Use Images, Videos, GIFs

Writing a guest post on blogs does not always mean that you have only to write it. Instead, you may use images, videos, and GIFs to make the post look more attractive. Also, you may include infographics wherever required to make your post look more informative.

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Being creative in your blog post by adding images, GIFs, and videos help in breaking the post, and it eventually makes it easier for the readers to read and understand the entire post.

6. Format Your Post Properly

One of the essential things to keep in mind is that you do proper formatting of your post. Formatting and presenting your post properly hold a great power to make all the difference.

So, keep in mind that you adequately use white space throughout your content and make it look well-formatted by using the titles, headings, subheadings, etc. correctly.

You may consider this example of heading structure in:

Suppose you are writing a blog post about running shoes, and the focus keyword is running shoes, and the article talks about the reasons why we like running shoes.

Now, writing an article without headings may lead to a really long post that the readers might find it hard to read and understand.

So, we may structure the post by using headings to make the entire piece easy for the readers.

Here’s how the post can be structured:

H1: Running shoes are awesome

H2: Why we think running shoes are awesome

H3: They are not only used for running

H3: They are not as expensive as people think

H2: Where can you buy your next pair of running shoes?

H3: Top websites to buy running shoes

H3: Our favorite local stores to buy running shoes

7. Write SEO Friendly Content

One of the most important things to keep in mind while writing a guest post is that your content should be SEO friendly. An SEO friendly content implies that your content is plagiarism-free (original), includes relevant keywords, and can attract the relevant traffic.

8. Never Forget to Proof-Read

People usually take the task of proof-reading for granted, and they don’t realize that not proof-reading a post before sending the same to the editor may result in its rejection.

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Always remember that no blogger will be interested in going through a blog post filled with grammatical, spelling, and language errors. And, no matter how well you write, chances of unintentional mistakes are always there.

So, before you send your blog post to the editor, always consider going through the same thoroughly and improving the mistakes (if committed by any chance) anywhere throughout the content.

Proof-reading does not even take much time, and you increase the chances of your post getting published.

9. Focus on Building Relationships

The key to moving forward with your guest post strategy is by focusing on building good relationships with the blog owners. Working with bloggers in your niche is a great thing, and it may prove to be beneficial for both parties.

So, take some time out to get in touch with the blog owner and work with them to come up with great writing ideas and posts.

Always remember that a great guest post will not only help you in generating traffic to your website but will also help the blog owner in their best interest.

Also, a blog owner who had a great experience working with you might offer you chances in the future to work with them.

In a Crux

When it comes to content marketing strategy, guest posting is one of the best things to employ. However, with everyone else taking leverage of guest posting, you might need to come up with some out of the box ideas.

From choosing a blog that matches your blog post, creating a catchy headline, writing excellent content, and building good relationships with the blog owner, you need to take care of a lot of things.

Now that you have gone through the article, I hope you might have got a clear idea of the things that you must keep in mind while writing a guest post.

If you have any other insights to share with us, be open to writing the same in the comment section below. #KhabarLive #hydnews