Guest blogging is one of the most effective and safest link building practices. This technique makes it easy to connect with new audiences and boost the ranking of the website.

When it comes to a guest post, writing one is not an easy task. One needs to take care of maintaining the quality of the blog as a poor quality blog will not help you achieve the desired results.

Keeping that in mind, there are few mistakes that you should avoid while working on guest blogging. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at the same.

1. The Process of Pitching

First things first, the first impression matters a lot, and in the case of guest blogging, it is your introduction that plays a huge role in catching someone’s attention.

So, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that you must always introduce yourself in the best possible manner.

Link builders usually make a mistake of not introducing themselves properly. They do not provide the links to their social media handles, which makes it challenging to do a background check.

Another mistake made during the pitching part is not including the idea in the post. Blog editors usually do not have time to go through the different pitches, and they do not even bother taking a look at your mail if your pitch does not include an idea.

So, always make sure that you include your idea when pitching to an editor.

2. Not Digging the Website

Having talked about the pitching part, there is one thing that you must take care of and that is exploring the website well. Before you pitch your idea, make sure you go through the website and understand its requirements.

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3. Writing Low-Quality Pitch

This does not only apply to the guest post blogging pitches but also the mails in general. Poorly written emails with wrong language and grammatical errors do not leave a positive impression on the person who is reading your pitch.

So, before you send an email to anyone, make sure to go through the same and correct any mistake committed intentionally/unintentionally. There are many grammar checking tools available nowadays, like Grammarly, etc. So, you may use any of the available tools to make sure that your mail does not have any language mistakes.

4. Automated Pitching Templates

Using automated pitching templates is a very common thing in the guest post blogging. Although it makes it easy to contact editors in general when you send an email using automated pitching templates, editors quickly get to know about this tactic.

Using an automated email template is not a bad thing, but if you customize it for different editors, then they understand that you have made efforts to give a personal touch to your pitch.

5. Ignoring Webmaster Guidelines

When it comes to guest post on blogs, every website has different guest post guidelines, and not considering those means that you might lose your chance of getting the article published. These guidelines include what topics you should consider for writing an article, dimension of images to be used, word length, etc.

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So, make sure you carefully go through the guidelines and keep the same in mind while writing a post. Always remember that taking care of the instructions increases your chances of getting the post published on their website.

6. Not Using Sincere Tone

When it comes to pitching an idea, the tone you use becomes fundamentally essential. Using a rude tone or an insincere one will sweep the editors away from even considering your pitch.

So, make sure you go through the pitch before hitting the send button and keep in check that the tone you use sounds friendly and sincere.

7. Not Doing Proper Research

Once you are all set to write a quality guest post, make sure you research the topic thoroughly and get all the details you want to include in the blog.

So, gather all the essential resources for each post that will help you write an incredibly fantastic post. Gathering different resources will help you in making sure that the post you are writing is up to the point.

Also, once you gather the essential and useful resources, make sure you follow the writing format in which articles are already published on the concerned website.

8. Offering Irrelevant Content

There are times when people end up writing a guest post on blogs that is not even relevant to the topic. Now, who would like to publish a post that is not written in relevance to the topic?

Writing an irrelevant post eventually results in getting it disapproved. So, make sure that the content you write is relevant to the topic chosen by you.

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9. Moving to Next Guest Post

Once an article gets published on a website, people often forget about the same and start focusing on another guest post opportunities. They forget about the one that is published.

Well, it is not good practice. You should not just forget about the post you have got published. Instead, focus on maintaining a good relationship with the blog owner and try and reply to the comments you receive under the post.

10. Not Including the Author Bio

As a guest blogger, you must not forget to include your author bio along with a link to your website under the post. It will help people to access your profile, and you will get more traffic to your site.

So, if you forget to add a short author bio to your post, it will be your loss. Thus, make sure you add a byline that talks a little bit about you.

Wrapping it Up

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and guest blogging plays a crucial role in the world of SEO. Well, not only does guest blogging help in building the authority of your website, but you also build online credibility.

Although guest blogging is a great way to build a robust online presence, I hope you will take care of the mistakes mentioned above and keep them at bay.

Also, we like hearing from you and if you have got any useful insights for our readers, feel free to share the same in the comment section below. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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