A unique creative art creation of ‘Floating Rock’ installed at Mozamjahi Market Square attracting many art lovers in Hyderabad. It has become a crazy spot to the visitors.

The installation put up by GHMC at Hyderabad’s Mozamjahi Market becoming latest attraction. The art work which has been garnering a lot of attention from the passers-by was created by artist Akalp Mukim and is made using fibreglass material, steel pipe, clay and plaster of paris.

A floating rock sculpture on the Mozamjahi (MJ) Market Junction road has turned out to be a new attraction in Hyderabad.

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The work of art which has two rocks appearing to be suspended in the air installed by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has many passers-by wondering. The million-dollar question for most is how did the artist manage to hang the stones in the air? Pass by the sculpture and at first glance, it just seems impossible.

People are seen catching its glimpse and clicking its pictures. But, how the rock was balanced and what’s the meaning has turned into a question.

These rocks are neither glued nor tied up together. No trick was used, says Kodidal Venkata Narayana, a deputy engineer with the GHMC, who was involved in the installation task.

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City-based artist Akalp Mukim who made the sculpture explains, “The rocks are balanced through opposite gravitational force. The sculpture is made with fiber glass material with mild steel pipe inside acting as a support. We created two rock boulders with clay, took a mold of it with Plaster of Paris and then cast it in fiberglass.”

The base rock is heavier and the rock suspended on air is little light in weight to ensure they remain balanced. “We gave support through two small and big pipes that are inserted one into another. Once the rocks were fit, we created a rope design on the fibre pipe and colored it,” says Akalp. The sculptor worked for 20 days to complete the structure which has added a new charm to the ever-busy MJ Market area.

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The hand sculpture at Lakdikapul was also made by Akalp who runs Sri Kalpmeya Murals and Sculptures in Hyderguda. #KhabarLive #hydnews