Excessive drinking of water is not good for health. “It not only leads to excess pee but also glowing skin,” stated doctors. In a study, it was found that unnecessary excess water drinking would lead to low blood sodium and various other complications.

“If excess drinking water consumed for prolonged periods, it would lead to loss of kidney’s ability to concentrate urine, confusion, swelling of the brain, fits, coma, puffiness of body due to oedema, and heart-related complications,” said E Ravi Shankar, senior consultant Endocrinologist of Apollo hospitals.

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Drinking to thirst is all that any healthy human needs to do, which is an inbuilt mechanism in a healthy body.

But, if you think there is a problem with your thirst, urine frequency, or volume, or if you have a health problem related to hormones, heart, kidneys, brain or liver, it is important to take experts advice regarding daily water intake, doctor Shankar explained.

He cautioned that obsessive habit of the same may lead to habitual water drinking called Psychogenic Polydipsia. #KhabarLive #hydnews