The class nine student of a Telangana village, Kavitha Kumari says it’s risky to study on banyan tree, but the only way she can attend classes regularly with good online visibility.

“Nothing grows under a banyan tree,” goes a popular saying since little germination can happen beneath the widespread shade of the tree. But atop the banyan tree, it is a different story as students of Pegadapalli village in Telangana have discovered.

The wide looping branches of a banyan tree have become their classrooms as they can attend their online classes only from here. “Since the mobile signal at our homes is very erratic, we found that we can get uninterrupted signal only at this location and from this height. We know it is risky but this is the only way we can ensure our attendance,” said Kavitha, a class nine student to #KhabarLive.

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She is among the twenty high school students of Pegadapalli village in Karimnagar district who flock to the banyan tree every morning for their online classes. Since her village is located on the foot of hillocks, the mobile coverage is patchy. “At least half a dozen villages in this area suffer from poor signal problems affecting the studies of such students. There is a lone BSNL tower for this area and unless more towers are added the future of students could be in jeopardy,” said Rama Reddy, a local activist to #KhabarLive. He pointed out that students in other villages climbed onto small hillocks in their area to get better mobile signals for their classes. “They even carry their lunch with them,” he said.

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When #KhabarLive seek clarification on this issue to area sub-collector Vijaya Rao, he admitted that the issue has been brought to his notice and he has sent an official to survey these villages. “We will hold a meeting with telecom companies to improve mobile coverage in the villages along the foot of these hillocks,” he said. Till then the banyan trees, hillocks, and other treetops will continue to be classrooms for these children. #KhabarLive #hydnews.