A place for relaxing life after a hectic schedule of work to get refreshed with fresh air, healthy atmosphere, nature’s paradise – Yelleswaragattu Island at Nagarjunasagar Dam in Telangana.

Heading towards Yelleswaragattu Island, famously known as mysterious island, located in the middle of the backwaters of Nagarjunasagar Dam. This long-forgotten isle is 169 km away from Hyderabad and takes about three hours to reach.

However, the long trip is worth it. Add Vizag colony boating centre there as a destination on the map for the location’s accuracy.

The sight of hillocks, irrigation lands and water that is bluer than the sky offers a breathtaking view. You can spot fishermen loading their fresh catch, while some are busy cleaning and sorting. Ample space is available to park your vehicles onshore.

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The boat ride to the peak of the island where you can plan an overnight stay is an absolute delight. The fisherman will take you to the spot which costs you Rs 1,500. It can cost you a little less too in case you’re good at bargaining.

The view of Nallamala hills around will hold you spellbound, for sure. It takes almost 20 minutes to reach the spot by boat and from there you need to trek a little through bushes. Carry your tents, food, water and other essentials.

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You can find age-old temples on the top where the villagers celebrate Maha Shivaratri. These temples are said to be built much before the dam came into existence.

You can cook here by fetching firewood and don’t miss buying fresh fish from fishermen. The place is ideal for stargazing. If possible, take telescope if you have one, to have a closer view of stars here. Experience the breathtaking view of an open sky with moon and stars above you with soothing music being played.

If you don’t want to have a night’s stay on the island, you can opt for a casual boat ride which costs Rs. 200 per person. The early morning view here is a class of its own. The scene of sunrise from behind the hills and the gentle waves awes you. You can see a few fishermen being all set with huge nets hoping for a catch.

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Trek down the hillock and the boat will already be waiting for you to take up to the mainland.
Make sure you start trekking to the top before it gets dark. Take a basic first-aid kit with you.

Carry power banks and don’t expect good mobile networks here. However, be careful and avoid camping and boating when water is above the danger level. #KhabarLive #hydnews