The Aashman Foundation is a Non profit Organization which works for the upliftment of the families of single income widows which makes it one of the kind. It not only supports the womenfolk but also help them built skills which would enable them to become the bread earners of their family. Skills like Stitching, beauty parlour, patient care, computers etc are taught by the NGO. 

Menstruation or commonly known as periods is the monthly cycle of bleeding. Every month a women’s body prepares for pregnancy and in case no pregnancy occurs, the womb sheds the lining. This process takes 4-6 days normally. To ease the process we use sanitary napkins  which soak the blood. The usage of sanitary napkins has proven to be easy as well as hygienic.

It is said that India lives in many centuries at the same time. And it is proven every day by the women of India. While the middle class and the upper class have the privilege of comfort and hygiene when they are menstruating, the lower class sadly does not.

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Even today many women in villages resort to old cloths, grass and even ashes. This is not only uncomfortable but also a grave danger to the health of those women.

While Covid rages across the country, we tend to forget the many problems we had before this pandemic arrived at our door step. Women of India suffer from the problem of unawareness which takes a toll on their health. If not taken care, this unhygienic way can even lead to many diseases and ultimately affect the families too. If they apply grass and ashes, the cleanliness is not taken care off and also it has long term affect the health of the women which would result into many diseases and the infants and children in the family would suffer too. This makes it imperative for us to help such women to have a better reach of sanitary napkins.

Let’s be ready for Red a campaign by Aashman Foundation’s.  The aim of the campaign is to distribute Sanitary napkins as well as underwear to the women who are underprivileged and do not have the means to purchase such commodities.

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The campaign rests at the heart of the issue that many women in India do not even have the privilege of owning underwear and helping them understand more about hygiene would lead to a better standard of living.

The Voice Brand  Ambassador of the foundation is VJ Aman. She has played a pivotal role in the campaign as she voices the concerns of such women through her videos being a video jockey in film industry and helps spread awareness of the campaign on the social platforms which helps the campaign to gain momentum in the public eye.

Aashman Foundation and VJ Aman had gone to the village of Haryana named Toka. They help bring the ground reality in the public domain which happens to be entirely different from the government stated facts. It was said that 80% of the women are aware about the usage of sanitary pads but only 30% use it. But in the village of Toka, 0 women had sought to the usage of sanitary napkins because they didn’t own underwears. The foundation distributed many underwears as well as sanitary napkins  to the women living in the area. Many such endeavors are planned by the foundation in the coming times to help the cause of sanitary napkins.

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While we sit in the comfort of our homes while in pain , it is important to realize that many women do not have the comforts of going back to their places as the means of earning their bread is hard. And to do labour in pain is not an easy task. To help them ease their pain, we can donate sanitary napkins and underwears. This may help them have a better life and a better hygiene and a better health. #livehyd #LiveHyd