The ‘Oral Sanitization’ as an additional armamentarium to COVID etiquettes during maintaining Covid safety protocols. 

I feel the above question must have raised many eyebrows. However, after the global pandemic of Covid-19, every possible sanitisation measure needs to be taken seriously. A few years back, if I would have said that you will have to wear a mask every time you step out then you would have not believed me. But here we are, caged in our homes, wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance. Since the healthcare sector is fighting tooth and nail to tackle -Covid-19 virus, among the latest development, the concept of mouth sanitization is introduced. 

The development of SARS-CoV-2, a new virus, has created unprecedented challenges to global public health. COVID-19 methods are currently mostly appreciative and preventative, with the goal of reducing transmission. Hand sanitation is a simple and efficient strategy for minimizing virus transmission in public and clinical settings. Wearing a mask has become a necessity, however people need to add “Oral Sanitization” as an additional armamentarium to COVID etiquettes. 

With the emerging variants of the Covid-19 virus, it seems almost impossible to be mask-free anytime soon. Sanitizing our oral cavity along with our hands can be helpful to prevent entry of microbes in our body. Now the question arises “How can we sanitize our mouth”? 

There is a new launch by Alniche Lifesciences of an oral spray that blocks and deactivates the microbes in the throat itself: ViroBind. Alniche is a healthcare organization that has helped save many lives with the launch of the Covid treatment products that included Remdesivir, Favipiravir, Immuace, and Imualfa in 2020. 

Now with introduction of ViroBind, Alniche has launched a scientifically tested formulation that will help to maintain oral sanitization thus prevention from microbial infections.

How does the mouth sanitizer work?

ViroBind is a mouth spray that forms a barrier in the oral cavity against the pathogens. The barrier solution is mainly composed of Trypsin and Glycerol. The enzyme Trypsin has significant effects on symptoms of sore throat, nose congestion, headache, common cold, and other microbial infections. 

The idea behind ViroBind is that it is a preventative measure to help stop the spread of sickness from infectious airborne diseases. The mouth spray is a scientifically tested enzyme-based formulation that kills 99.99% of germs in oral cavity thus preventing entry in the lungs. ViroBind spray can be used in the early stages of infection to recover and relieve sore throat, cough, fever, rhinorrhoea, and other common cold symptoms.

As we are aware that any airborne infection is transmitted through small particulates/ droplets in the air remain suspended in air and travel approx. 6 ft distance upon sneezing. Thus, these airborne infections usually occur by breathing infected air. The airborne pathogens can inflame the throat, nose, lungs, and sinus of an individual if inhaled. After inhaling the airborne allergens or pathogens, the respiratory system of the individual is affected. In some cases, these pathogens can also affect the other parts of the body as well. The most common effect of these pathogens includes cold, cough, sinus congestion, and sore throat. Once you use the ViroBind mouth spray, it will block and deactivate these pathogens that you may have inhaled while breathing. 

Is ViroBind safe for kids?

According to the studies, Virobind mouth spray is totally safe for kids and can be used by anyone above 4 years. However, it is recommended that kids use the spray under adult supervision to avoid over-dosage. The spray is recommended to be used only six times a day and should have an hour interval between every usage. Children tend to ignore precautions while playing and may transmit this severe disease to each other, for which using such mouth sanitizer can be quite effective. Now you can take your child to the park and let them play with their friend without any fear of infection. 

How to use the ViroBind spray?

The easy 2 step use of the ViroBind spray 

  1. Open your mouth and aim the nozzle towards your throat
  2. Press the pump and spray 2 puffs at one time (1 dose)

While using this mouth spray, you have to keep in mind that you can use it every other hour for up to a maximum of 6 times daily. Apart from that, this spray is made for oral use only and not to be inhaled. You can continue the usage of the ViroBind spray until the symptoms are relieved. To keep yourself, your family and friends safe from airborne infections, go and buy ViroBind mouth spray from 1mg or pharmeasy. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

About the Author: Karan Arora – Director Marketing & International Business, Alniche Lifesciences

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