Thehinduzone helps students in getting information about the best coaching available for all competitive exams, such as UPSC, NEET, IAS, CLAT, etc.

Preparing for competitive exams can be a stressful experience and the right guidance can make all the difference. As online education expands its reach, especially in recent times, students can now access information on coaching classes and career guidance from the safety and convenience of their homes.

This is where Thehinduzone steps in to guide students from the start to the end of the examination process, with live interactive sessions, dedicated mentors, appropriate study materials, and video lectures. The website helps students in getting information about the best coaching available for all competitive exams, such as UPSC, NEET, IAS, CLAT, etc. Mentors will also assist them in evaluating exam series and managing their schedules for each subject.

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With so many coaching options available online, it can be a complex and time-consuming process to decide on the best institute. takes a personalised approach, since students come with individual needs, such as affordable fees, a preference for tests versus theory-oriented sessions, while some may wish to cover the course in a shorter duration. For instance, Plutus IAS, Yojna IAS, Topper’s Academy, Kautilya IAS, among others provide assistance and online classes. For students or institutions that cannot afford to pay for their education, Thehinduzone is also available in a free edition.

Choose the right institute

Thehinduzone collaborates with a wide range of institutions, large and small, with various batch sizes to ensure there are no barriers when it comes to exam preparation. The teachers and institutes affiliated with can post their content, study materials, questionnaires, exam assessments, syllabuses, and video lectures, etc, so that students can access them as required. This allows students to save time by not having to browse study materials of multiple coaching institutes and instead focus on high-quality content that will benefit them.

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Different institutes come with different strengths, for instance, Plutus IAS, considered the best for IAS coaching online, offers a batch size of 50 students while Toppersacademy, rated the best for online NEET Coaching, had a batch size of only 30 students for its 2020-21 batches.

Get customised coaching

To help students in locating the best coaching for them, Thehinduzone utilises reviews from other websites, Google evaluations, past and present student experiences, among other resources. It provides customised coaching results based on one’s requirements for timings, study materials, faculty, and prices, etc.

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Revolutionising edtech

Thehinduzone has revolutionised the edtech business with superior technology, planned strategy, and progress mapping tools. The platform showcases an enriching collection of learning materials, such as video courses and quizzes for a rewarding learning experience.

The platform recently hosted a live virtual webinar aimed at assessing a candidate’s traits to determine if they have the necessary attributes to serve as a government servant to prepare them for the final test. intends to grow its reach by focusing on advising students on the best online IAS coaching, best online NEET coaching,  and establishing a global presence, while providing holistic solutions and overall development to young candidates who aspire to be tomorrow’s leaders. #KhabarLive #hydnews