It’s time to make all your travel dreams come to life with MakeMyTrip. The Great Freedom Indian Travel Sale is termed as a big success in the history of Indian travel selling.

MakeMyTrip is here to add to the thrill to your travel plans even before you finally undertake that much-awaited vacation. It’s raining sales everywhere but MakeMyTrip is taking the excitement a notch higher by tossing the sale with unbelievable deals to be won every day! And, before you spin into the excitement of finalizing your travel plan, all you got to do is ‘Spin the Wheel’ to unlock guaranteed and never before seen deals each time you go spinning. So, go on and try your luck at MakeMyTrip’s Great Indian Freedom Travel Sale.

Godfather of all travel deals

Would you like to win INR 15,000 instant discounts on 4-star and 5-star domestic hotels like Radisson, Lemon Tree, Clarks, The Park and more? Or maybe, INR 15,000 instant discount on your domestic flight for the upcoming three months? Or, how about free holiday packages to Maldives, Dubai, or Goa? Then, how about INR 20,000 voucher on a range of alternate accommodations including of villas, independent stays and more at your favourite holiday destinations? Spin the wheel and stand the chance to win these unbelievable ‘Platinum’ offers fast.

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Win with Gold

MakeMyTrip also has ‘Wheel Gold’ offers for you. 25% instant discount vouchers on high-end hotels, and INR 1,000 off vouchers on buses and domestic flights to be won – maybe it’s time you did finalize the dates for your holiday. For those making international travel plans in the coming months, there are also flat 25% discount coupons up for grabs at select properties. And if you’re looking for a more exclusive stay in villas and independent stays, MakeMyTrip offers you a chance to win flat 20% off on those too.

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Spin for Silver

With these ‘Wheel Silver’ offers, you can win 12% instant discount vouchers on top domestic hotels, or a flat 12% discount on select international hotels. For those planning road trips, there are deals to be won on outstation cab rides too. You could also win up to INR 2,500 worth of upgrade on your cab rides with Manthan vouchers, or instant discounts of up to INR 300. There are also daily vouchers for INR 750 off on domestic flights to be won, which can be availed any time in the next three months.

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Guaranteed daily wins 

And, as promised there is something for everyone. Spin the wheel to win 10% instant discount vouchers on premium domestic hotels. You could also win up to 25% off on holiday packages or, flat 10% off vouchers on international hotels. There are deals on bus tickets and domestic flights too.

The clock is ticking on your long due travel plans and the clock has also been set to win some of the best travel deals ever! But, we know, that you know that it’s time to go spinning before it is too late! The Great Indian Travel Sale ends on 16th August, so what are you waiting for? Head to MakeMyTrip and steal these deals before anybody else. #KhabarLive #hydnews