After a long time of wait, the banks of the Musi now has several amenities, including walking tracks, open gym, gazebo and designer benches in lush green meadows, which makes the charm in HyderabadI life.

River Musi coursing through Nagole is undergoing a major infrastructural metamorphosis these days. Not just on account of infrastructure, but the development is laced with aesthetics that unveils lush green stretches dotted with a series of amenities along the river bank for visitors.

A 100 ft flag post, walking tracks, an open gym, a gazebo, lush green meadows along the banks and designer benches add a certain charm and beauty to the Musi here. The flag is expected to be unveiled on Independence Day.

Musi Riverfront Development Corporation Ltd (MRDCL) Chairman Sudheer Reddy said the State government is committed to changing the way the Musi looked earlier and restoring its past glory while adding more amenities. “Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s dream is to rejuvenate the Musi and start boating in it. The transformational journey of the Musi has already commenced,” said Reddy.

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The place, which was once an eyesore, is now fast shaping into a major tourist attraction and has already turned into a favourite spot for joggers. The MRDCL is also planning to start a weekly market.

The living conditions for those residing in the vicinities of the Musi have also started to change. Locals who once used to complain of pollution, foul smell and mosquito menace have recently gathered along the river to have breakfast! #KhabarLive #hydnews