Home delivery services. Online delivery concept of buying grocery, food, medicine essential items to the doorstep. Delivery boy wearing face mask and deliver product to home and office in lockdown.

The most secured purchasing of gold jewellery made easy by many jewellers in Telugu States. You can purchase the gold jewellery at your home, billed and paid online and delivered instantly on most secured way. Now, the Gold at your doorstep.

Doorstep delivery of gold jewellery Next time when your doorbell rings you may be in for surprise as it could be a salesman from a noted jewellery outlet offering booking of gold ornaments at your doorstep and extending the facility of equated monthly instalments. Paying EMI is also not a problem as they would come and collect the money.

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The jewellery shops are now embarking on this strategy to increase the sale which was affected due to Covid-19 pandemic during the past two years. For those who want a wide variety of ornaments, the salesmen are offering privileged treatment if they visit the showrooms.

The jewellery merchants are trying to attract the customers to go in for the purchase of jewellery under EMI scheme so that it would be easy on the pocket of the buyer and they too can get money for running the business.

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A big jewellery outlet in Guntur city is offering a discount of Rs 200 per gram of gold and offering 25 percent off on making charges to attract the customers.

A manager of a corporate jewellery company in Guntur city on the condition of anonymity said, “Gold sales had fallen by 60 percent due to Covid-19. At present, the customers are purchasing gold ornaments only at the time of marriages and other functions. As a result, the jewellery companies have reduced the staff by 40 percent besides introducing schemes to attract customers. It is expected that jewellery sales will improve during Dasara and Deepavali festivals.”

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A marketing employee of a jewellery company who refused to divulge his name said, “Due to Covid-19 pandemic gold sales had drastically fallen. We have no option but to conduct door-to-door campaign in the posh areas to increase the sales.

The company is offering incentives and new schemes to attract customers. Despite the move, sales have not increased as expected by the management,” he added. #KhabarLive #hydnews