Telangana, which has become synonymous with several innovative and first-of-its-kind projects in the country, will soon be home to the world’s largest integrated freshwater aqua hub proposed to be set up near Mid Manair Dam in Rajanna Siricilla district.

The project, which is being given a final shape, will be an end-to-end facility and will be taken up under the intensive fish culture method. The intensive fish culture is a model that aims at achieving maximum production of fish by utilising a minimum quantity of water.

It is the best-managed form of fish farming that involves a high level of investment, inputs, and latest technology, and at the same time, ensures high yield and profits. This form of fish farming can be taken up throughout the year.

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The project will come up in more than 500 acres near Mid Manair Dam and will encompass all activities including fish seed production, feed production, cage culture, and fish processing, among others. The officials have already identified about 310 acres for the purpose, and the remaining land is likely to be acquired once the project is finalised. The Mid Manair Dam will facilitate large scale freshwater cage culture which is otherwise taken up mostly in the sea.

“The State government will provide the land and develop the necessary infrastructure. Private investors will be invited to establish their units in the proposed aqua hub. Considering the huge investment required for the project, it will exclusively focus on the production of export-oriented species,” a senior official in the Fisheries Department told #KhabarLive.

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Telangana is setting new standards in the promotion of Blue Revolution, Pink Revolution and White Revolution, besides making unprecedented progress in irrigation and farmers’ welfare. The integrated freshwater aqua hub will be another major step that will complement the government’s moves for all-around development.

Though similar projects can be found in sea waters along the coasts in some countries, no integrated freshwater aqua hub has been established on such a large scale. While about 3,000 persons will get direct employment on account of the project, at least 10,000 more persons will get indirect employment. #KhabarLive #hydnews