Today, we will talk about the two important aspects of marketing. Digital marketing has been improving and developing in the last few years. We will cover two aspects that can be integrated in your marketing funnel even today.

Email marketing is very important

One of the biggest differences between online marketing in B2B and online marketing in B2C is that the time intervals between initial contact and the final purchase are much larger. While the B2C area lives mainly from so-called ” impulse purchases “, the decision-making paths in the B2B area are usually significantly longer. Simply because of the fact that products and solutions from the B2B sector are generally more expensive than conventional consumer products and their purchase has a far-reaching impact on the entire team and their daily work.

Online marketing for companies from the B2B sector therefore means that communication with potential customers must be ongoing. In many cases, several months pass from the point in time when the potential customer discovers our solution to the point in time when the whole team decides to make a final purchase. During this time, our daily online marketing efforts must ensure that we are or remain continuously present in the minds of potential customers. An email newsletter is “made for this”.

Correctly structured and lovingly maintained, an email newsletter ensures that your own target group is constantly supplied with valuable information and contributions. In this way, we remain constantly present in the minds of potential customers with our offer. If the blog is an elementary part of the B2B marketing strategy, then your own email newsletter is at least as important in order to distribute the written articles to your own target group. As for Twitch, it’s impossible to gather emails easily. That’s why you may find it hard – go for the easy road. Get Twitch followers while streaming, engage with them and ask to grow a community. With email marketing, you can create a big and solid community. 

Content marketing as a big part of B2B

Especially from the point of view of a company active in the B2B sector, “online marketing” and the subject of “content marketing” go hand in hand. Therefore, detailed thought processes on the subject of content marketing should not be missing in any B2B online marketing strategy!

  • B2B ideas content marketing: Content marketing has many facets. Broken down to the essentials, from a B2B perspective, content marketing is simply about providing (potential) customers with valuable content and thereby not only increasing trust in one’s own product, but also increasing customer loyalty. Continuously published high-quality content ensures that your own company achieves a certain “expert status” in the industry. In the best case, we will be the first point of contact when it comes to specific questions from our industry.
  • But be careful: Content marketing is not simply the same as running a blog! So not only the topic of online marketing, but also content marketing from a B2B perspective should be seen holistically, referring to several communication channels. This is the only way that an online marketing strategy becomes really “round” and leads to the desired goals! #KhabarLive #hydnews 
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