Ever thought how our favourite dishes are made? Or how the same quality and taste are produced across all the venues of any restaurant chain? If you haven’t, then, observe their kitchens the next time you take a visit.

Be it a biryani house, or a sweet shop, all we do is just enter the place with its brand. We trust the brand a lot, and with all the confidence we order the food that we are craving for. And yes, the funda works perfectly well!

Most of the outlets have one big kitchen in the city from where the food is sent to the all their outlets. But hey, not everything that reaches your table is cooked at one kitchen. The signature dishes of the restaurant are cooked at one place, and then sent to the other outlets of the restaurant chain. For other dishes, the recipe is followed to the T. This way, they maintain the same taste and quality across all the branches.

As Hyderabadis never compromise with taste and quality, city vendors are expanding their existing business on a larger scale. However, with the growing number of people, the city neither lets anyone down nor lets anyone sleep with hunger. So, an NGO named The Akshaya Patra Foundation, in association with Iskon, feeds about one-and-a-half lakh people every day.

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They have a huge kitchen in Sangareddy built across 65,000 sq ft over four acres. It has the capacity to prepare one lakh meals in just a couple of hours. Apart from their gigantic machinery, the kitchen also has a mechanism where they convert all the bio-waste into electricity, besides having sufficient solar panels to tap the solar energy to meet the kitchen’s electricity needs.

Besides this, let’s take a look at some of the large commercial kitchens in Hyderabad that maintain transparency when it comes to taste and quality.

Almond House
One among the big kitchens of Hyderabad is operated by Almond House. With fancy interiors, smart machinery, workers on their fastest fingers and a great coordination, the big kitchen of Almond House is forever lively. Located in Kukatpally with a team of 350 members, this whole production and manufacturing unit delivers sweets and savouries to various outlets in the city.

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Chaitanya Muppala, proprietor of Almond House, says, “Different ingredients come from different places. As soon as the vendor vehicles arrive at our gate, they are sent to the lab for basic tests, and if it passes, it is unloaded. From there, the ingredients are sent to our store department for sorting and then to the production department. Once everything is done, we barcode the product and then dispatch it.”

Almond House keeps track of everything with the software called enterprises store planning (ERP). Their idea is to change the perception of customers by letting them check their kitchen. The kitchen is open to all and any customer can visit their kitchen by fixing up an appointment at the store.

Paradise restaurant
The oldest kitchen of Hyderabad, globally popular for their Biryani, is Paradise restaurant. Cooked at one place, their biryani travels all over Hyderabad and waits at the respective outlets for the customer to relish. Biryani at Paradise is made in larger quantities at Secunderabad, the first branch and the oldest kitchen. It is then delivered to other outlets. However, the other recipes are made in the respective outlets and the same taste is maintained by following the traditional recipe.

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Voila f9 Gourmet
Spread across 60,000 sqft, Voila f9 gourmet is one among the largest commercial kitchens of Hyderabad. Located in a two-acre plot in the financial district of Hyderabad, it has a capacity to produce 50,000 meals daily. “Since 2007, our kitchen is engaged in the institutional catering. Today, with 850-plus employees, it produces over 25,000 meals everyday for the employees in leading multinational companies. The kitchen works through annual contracts and bills the clients on a monthly basis,” says Sannjay Bathijaa, director of operations, Voila f9 gourmet. #KhabarLive