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Will Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao ring the election bell again as in 2018? Will the elections scheduled for 2023 be held in 2022 or will there be early Assembly elections in Telangana again? These are the speculations going round in all political circles in Telangana.

Yes, it might be. Elections can come in Telangana anytime. Be prepared. KCR will go for early elections. Union Minister Amit Shah spoke about this to Telangana BJP leaders.

The BJP leaders from Telangana also have been stating that Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has been enacting a drama in the name of paddy to go for early elections. The BJP leaders have been saying that the Chief Minister is facing anti-incumbency and so he has taken up the paddy issue to neutralise the anti-incumbency.

They also said that he has no issues to take up for the next elections and hence have been raising the paddy issue.

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Telangana BJP leaders said that KCR may go for early elections with the paddy issue blaming the BJP-led Central government. KCR may have a chance now to face the rapidly strengthening BJP. He has been planning early elections before the BJP gets ready for them.

The BJP is now in high spirits after the victory of its candidate Eatala Rajender in Huzurabad. With the Huzurabad by-poll victory, the BJP has been planning many programmes to strengthen the party in all constituencies.

KCR has hatched a plan to go for early elections before the BJP becomes strong in all constituencies, a senior BJP leader said. He added that the camping of TRS Ministers and MPs in New Delhi is part of the TRS chief’s plan for early elections.

He said that the TRS is worried as the Dalit Bandhu didn’t work in the Huzurabad by-poll and hence it is better to go for early elections with the paddy issue as it affects 70 lakh farmers.

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The main reason behind KCR going for early elections is that the opposition parties think that elections may be held as scheduled, and that it will be advantage TRS if it goes for early elections, an analyst said.

KCR will launch unexpected plans to shock opponents, he said. As part of it, the TRS Ministers and MPs have made it clear that they will not come back from New Delhi without a written assurance from the Centre on paddy purchase.

TPCC chief Revanth Reddy’s statement that poll strategist Sunil had asked the TRS to take the paddy issue to New Delhi to destroy the Congress in Telangana is also an indication of early elections, the analyst said. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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