Are you expecting or trying for a baby? Although childbearing is one of the most beautiful experiences, it is pretty essential to be healthy before, during, and post-conception.

There is a long list of things to do and don’ts that are needed to follow in pregnancy. However, it is not possible to obey each one. Don’t get confused by listening to advice from different people. Read this article to know 8 proven tips to stay on the healthy side in the journey of being a mother.

Many females have a myth that only eating nutritious foods is required for a healthy baby as well as pregnancy. Undeniably, what we eat plays a vital role in keeping us fit, but a solely healthy meal will not result in positive outcomes when it comes to conception. From physical workout to taking adequate rest, there are several things that aid healthy pregnancy. However, the most crucial thing is to confirm your pregnancy by visiting the best gynecology hospital in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, or any other city. After confirming the pregnancy, get guidance about the next steps to take from your gynecologist. Now let’s go through the 8 tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

  • Avoid Stress & Stay Calm

Taking stress during pregnancy is not good at all. Undoubtedly, everyone becomes a bit excited and anxious about getting the news of being pregnant. Also, emotional ups and downs are quite common in childbearing years. But excessive worry & tension can take a toll on your and fetal health. Therefore, it is crucial to do some leisure activities, practice meditation, and stay close to nature to avoid unnecessary mental turmoil. Remember, your newborn wants a comfortable and happy mother. So be like this.

  • Take Supplements

The body’s nutritional demand abruptly increases during pregnancy, which cannot be fulfilled by simply consuming natural foods. Having supplements like folic acid, calcium, iron, multivitamin, etc., are essential for the growth of the fetus as well as for your health. So, start taking them from the very first month of your pregnancy but after consulting the doctor. 

  • Watch Sexual Relationship

There is no problem in having intercourse in early pregnancy if your pregnancy is normal. This is because the firm cervix and mucus wall give high-level protection to the embryo from infections. However, if your case is quite complicated, it would be better to avoid sex to prevent miscarriages and birth defects. In such a cas, you can express your love to your partner with hugs, kisses, and care. 

  • No Smoking & Drinking

Alcohol and tobacco can reach the fetus via blood and increase the chances of in them. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome affects the mental development of your baby and results in several congenital defects. Apart from this, these harmful substances are not suitable for your health as well. Therefore, it would be beneficial to give up cigarettes and alcohol when you become pregnant. 

  • Plenty Of Fluid

Staying hydrated is also vital for a healthy pregnancy. It prevents hemorrhoids, constipation, and several infections that commonly occur during childbearing days. Also, an insufficient amount of water in the body also leads to early labor and preterm delivery. The experts recommend drinking at least 10 glasses of fluid ( water, juice, buttermilk, etc.) daily. However, it is vital to avoid beverages high in sugar and calories.

  • Take Optimal Rest

Adequate rest is a must during pregnancy. Try to get optimal sleep and give rest to your feet. The doctors of gynecology hospitals typically suggest putting feet at the raised level as much as possible. In addition to this, practice deep breathing to calm down whenever you feel anxious. 

  • Keep An Eye On Weight Gain

Generally, females gain 15-20 kg weight during pregnancy. It is important to watch your weight every month. If you are not able to gain weight, talk to your gynecologist without a second thought. They will suggest the best food options that aid you in packing on the kilos. 

  • Wear Loose Clothes

Tight and skinny clothes can suffocate you as well as embryos. So, get loose and comfortable clothes for you by keeping in mind that your shape will change rapidly. 

The Bottom Line

Pregnancy is a momentous yet unique and joyful experience. So, take care of yourself and live this wonderful moment fully. Also, do not hesitate to ask any questions or concerns about pregnancy from the gynecologist. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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