This year with several business days left  the winter session of Telangana Assembly will not happens due to many reasons.

The Telangana Assembly may not have a winter session this year as there is no indication of that from the government. The government may go directly for the budget session as it has adequate time to convene the next session.

The Telangana Legislative Assembly was adjourned sine die on October 8. As per convention, the authorities have to convene the Assembly before six months after the Governor’s prorogation of the Assembly.

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The government has a lot of time to convene the Assembly again. According to sources, the government may convene the House directly for the budget session.

However, Protem Chairman Bhupal Reddy’s term will end on January 4. The government may convene the winter session before January 4 if it wanted to hand over charge to the regular Chairman of the Telangana Legislative Council from the Protem Chairman of the Council.

Another possibility is that the Governor may appoint another Protem Chairman for the Council if the government doesn’t want to convene the winter session before January 4 or it doesn’t want to convene it at all.

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Meanwhile, the local bodies’ quota MLC election results will be announced on December 14.

According to sources, the government may take a decision only after December 14 on whether to convene the winter session or not.

Some sources say that the government may not convene the winter session as political conditions are volatile due to the paddy procurement issue and Eatala Rajender’s victory in Huzurabad by-polls. #KhabarLive #hydnews