The ongoing tussle of political war in the state of Telangana makes ruling party more cautious. The TRS leadership is planning to appease dissidents by appointing them to various nominated posts to thwart the BJP’s ‘Operation Akarsh.’

After it came to power, the TRS Government did not give much importance to filling nominated posts during its first and second terms. Many TRS leaders at the district and State-level and cadres have been waiting for nominated posts for a long time.

The TRS has filled some important nominated posts. There are about 67 corporations in the State and among them, about 25 to 30 are important ones like the TSRTC. At present nominated posts in around 40 corporations are vacant. If the TRS Government fill all the nominated posts around 500 party workers can be accommodated.

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After the victory in the Huzurabad Assembly by-election, the BJP has stepped up its aggression. The BJP is now trying to attract TRS dissidents through its ‘Operation Akarsh.’ Some important TRS leaders at the district and state-level are in touch with the BJP.

The BJP is also playing mind games with the TRS along with Operation Akarsh.  BJP leaders are openly saying that 25 TRS MLAs are in touch with them and they are ready to join their party.

The TRS leadership knows that it is the BJP’s mind game but at the district-level TRS leaders and cadres can get confused by the BJP’s statements and they may get attracted to the BJP. Keeping this in mind, the TRS leadership is planning to fill nominated posts.
The TRS Government can appoint some top leaders as Chairmen of corporations and active party workers can be appointed as members and directors in them.

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Apart from State-level corporations there are district-level nominated posts like market committees, temple committees and Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthalu having nominated posts. After MLC election results the TRS leadership will be able to know the impact of dissidents.

In its second term, the TRS Government has appointed nominated bodies in around 20 corporations. The government has reappointed nominated bodies for four corporations after the completion of their term.

The government appointed TRS MLA Bajireddy Govardhan from Nizamabad district as TSRTC Chairman. Some MLAs will be appointed as Chairmen of important state-level corporations if they do not get berths in the Cabinet after the reshuffle.

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The TRS Government may fill some nominated posts before the Cabinet reshuffle and some posts after the rejig, sources reveal. #KhabarLive #hydnews