Covid third wave is already infected many and people of Hyderabad are not going to hospitals even after testing positive and undergoing self medications or visiting quackers.

Although the government has urged the public not to self-medicate, citizens are not approaching doctors and are rushing to drug stores to buy medicines for self-treatment.

People are buying drugs based on symptoms like fever and body pains. In many cases, people are taking tablets like Azithromycin and Ivermectin without prescriptions. Many doctors confirmed that even though cases are spiking, there is no increase in OPD consultations.

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Dr Imtiaz Ali, a city-based pulmonologist, said that many doctors have not seen any rush of patients like during the second corona wave.The number of patients is less than anticipated. Now symptoms are mild, unlike during the first and second waves when people experienced a loss of smell and taste.

“Since symptoms are like that of common cold many patients are opting for self-medication. Some are even getting chest X-Rays done and we are getting to know only if there is a clinical presentation in it. People are just looking at the treatment protocol and self-medicating,” Dr Ali said.

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The state Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had earlier urged people not to self-medicate, do blood investigations, take chest X-Rays or CT scans without consulting doctors.

Some people are using prescriptions given during the second corona wave. There were several social media messages on the treatment protocol and drugs to be used and those are also being used for treatment.

The government advisory had said that information floating around on social media mentioning non-authentic and non-evidence based treatment protocols can harm patients. Misinformation leading to panic should be avoided.

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Dr Riyazuddin of Apollo Hospitals said, “Most Covid patients need only symptomatic treatment. It’s generally mild for most patients, this time. Do not self-medicate with Doxycycline, Ivermectin, Azithromycin, Steroids, Molnupiravir etc. Monoclonal antibodies may not work against the Omicron variant. Consult doctors if symptoms are severe or if you are aged or having comorbidities or conditions affecting immunity or if you have an infant at home.” #KhabarLive #hydnews